Last Day of Reservist

[Friday, 12 November, 2010]

I spent the morning surfing, planning and blogging. I left for reservist straight without catching a wink. I met up Kang at the control station and he tempted me to get breakfast at a shop nearer to the bus interchange. I was expecting them to charge me an extra dollar for extra ingredient but I had to fork out two dollars and thirty cents, which I felt was cheated. Kang was quite worried that Terry would cause us to miss the base ferry and I assured him that we could even afford to miss one SBS bus to get there.

Kang made a move fast after checking out from the guard room and he managed to get into the squadron bus. I persuaded the NSF to squeeze in as well and there was only an additional place at the front, which Terry and I decided to give a miss. We took the base ferry instead and I was glad to meet Yutong. We had to walk a much longer distance to get into our headquarter.

While unwrapping the wooden chopsticks, I was injured by the sharp surface. I was not sure if any wood strap did get into my index finger but it hurt and irritated me for the entire day.

I started playing pool with Teng, and dart and Chinese chess with Terry. Finally, we moved to the table tennis table outside and I realised I had forgotten totally how to play the sport. After losing six sets straight to him, I got a hand of it and raced eight sets before losing another set. The final score was ten to seven. He gave up his bat to another guy and I won another two sets before calling for a break. I was drenched by my sweat but managed to doze off after some time.

I took a late lunch before playing table soccer with Terry and Yutong, and other NSmen. I dozed off a couple of times again to rest my back. Everyone was getting restless and we were extremely disappointed to be out-processed at 5pm sharp. We took Peter Chan’s car to Novena again. Terry was meeting his friend and thus I left without him.

It was already over 6pm when I reached home and thus I did not join my ex colleagues at Changi, considering that they were meeting at 5pm and it would take more than an hour for me to get there. I worked on my website instead and started dozing off.


Games Over

It was time to say goodbye to the days of playing pool, table tennis and table soccer for free. After moving to another building, seven of us were stuck in a small room with poor reception.

I needed much more privacy in order to do my planning for my future and also, new websites.

I was lucky except for the travelling part. The gentleman offered to send us out but he was a workaholic who stayed behind for an extra half an hour. I would not have minded if it was a normal day, but I intended to go back to my office to feel the air before the start of the volleyball game – I could not make it on time.

The games were awesome in the absence of someone. After sleeping in different positions over the past few days, my right arm was numbed and thus, injured, such that I could not really perform. We played till late and I had my dinner just before midnight with Kachua at the prata shop near my house.


Third Idling Day

Things did not turn out as planned, which was usual. I thought I could spend lots of time reading but someone spoke over the phone as loud as gangster like as if the entire room’s people wanted to hear his long meaningless conversation. I tried to sleep but the sound was too loud.

I tried to do some planning for new websites but friends came over to inspect me. I could never start anything without my privacy, nor did I want to explain what I was going to do, and I never had the energy to broadcast my plan.

I was amazed of myself to wake up in the middle of a lecture, not knowing when it was started. I was also impressed with my appetite that I could finish my lunch after late breakfast for the second day.

I spent most of the free time playing the table soccer and table tennis, and also a little bit of pool.


Table Tennis with My Favourites and Dinner with the Oldies

Early in the Monday morning, I was shot again. During lunch time, I went to the office to realise everyone was not meeting out for lunch. Sometimes I just wondered if I should just start joining others instead of having to wait and even being informed of unavailability last minute. There would not be many chances for me to dine with others, including the students. In fact, I did not mind packing the lunchbox back to the office every day.

I was quite lucky that Joy was free and thus we went to Clementi Central together. I learned more about the post office from her. Then, we crossed over the road over Clementi Town Secondary side for a quick bite.

It was quite a good afternoon for I spent quite some time near the PE room playing table tennis with my favourite class. When the ball fell into the drain, I tried to reach for it but it was too deep and my shirt got into contact with the ground. The concern of them, especially Jiali, made me feel fortunate. The last survivors were Boon Peng and Criz. I was destroyed easily in my slippery shoes.

After reaching home, I took a little bit of my mum’s bon bon cha cha before I washed myself up. I missed the bus 80 right exactly in front of me across the road and I felt stupid for checking the IRIS website. I met up with Irwin at the arcade at Vivocity. Then, Huiling joined us, followed by Tingfeng. Tingfeng suggested Dian Xiao Er but somehow we switched over to the White Dog Café, which seemed to be a better choice.

Eugene was late since he had some miscommunication with Irwin, thinking that we were meeting at Bugis instead. I had a plate of tradition fish and chips, and it came in three long pieces, given a smaller diameter, easily to be consumed than other restaurants’. The taste was good as well.

I wanted to talk to Eugene but I was not sure if the rest of them knew about his recent trouble, and thus I kept it within me. When they started talking about food and travelling, I felt like I just came back from ancient. When Irwin tried to get me involved by telling Tingfeng I wanted to get a DSLR camera, I seemed to turn into a caveman from his replies.

The problem of communication lay on me for I was not bothered to keep myself updated with news, not even my hobby – photography. I was never a food craver, neither an experienced traveller. I was too different from most people.

The manager quite scared me with her fussiness about the slightest arrangement of the tables. We stayed inside the restaurant for very long and left after 10pm.