Met Up with Wanling Again

[Tuesday, 1 February, 2011]

I spent hours helping Joanna with her Java project. Then, I continued with SEO until 6am.

My mum was playing with Lucky and she was practically screaming out the commands at 9am to wake me up. Wanling dropped me an SMS to postpone our outing. I woke up at 2pm eventually.

When Joanna tried to ask me for help again, I rejected her because I could not spend any more time to help her in her school assignment instead of doing my own work. My work was definitely more crucial and if I were to duplicate myself ten times, I would not be able to complete my work any time soon. I continued with SEO for the tuition agency until Wanling suddenly messaged me that she was available near 5pm.

I met up with her at The Central. She looked very tired. We went to one of the Japanese restaurants but I did not take any food since I took my lunch very late. After that, we strolled over to Liang Court and walked around. The shop for ladies, La Lu, impressed me with the interior European design. Then, we proceeded to shop at the Japanese supermarket before going back to The Central.

I wanted to send Wanling home by bus but I did not bring my laptop along and I knew I would waste a lot of time on the way back. I took bus 145 to Amara hotel and joined my family at Burger King. However, my stomach was still bloated and I did not order anything.

Back at home, I continued with my SEO work. I filled my stomach with some sushi my younger brother had purchased earlier on.


My Birthday 2010

[Thursday, 4 November, 2010]

Facebook kept me occupied for hours. It was tedious to reply to the birthday greetings; and at certain point of time, the flood overtook my pace. I went to bed at 4am.

I managed to wake up on time. In the train, there was an insane uncle bothering me, asking me which camp I was from and he kept asking me to go to the cookhouse to eat. I realised Terry was two doors away from me at the opposite side. The uncle did not spare him. However, he moved away fast enough to end his torment earlier. Later on, Kang told us he was being woke up by an idiot and we knew he was the same person. I had overheard an auntie saying this old man loved to disturb people in army uniform.

I bought a hotdog bun for breakfast. It was an unusual day for there was a safety talk, which all of the NSmen were forced to attend as well. Basically, all except one shit point regarded us at the end of a talk. We had a boring discussion for the safety day before moving for lunch break. There was a mini birthday celebration and I had to be the centre of attraction.

I left camp earlier together with Terry since we had got the off pass settled. I logged on to Facebook and there were more birthday greeting for me to reply.

I dozed off in the evening and left for dinner with my mum and younger brother at 8pm after the channel 8 show. We went to Manhattan at Central. Gastric pain attacked me but our seafood platter came late. We had two glasses of drinks and they were pretty interesting. We walked to One Fullerton after the dinner instead of taking straight bus home directly.

After reaching home, I was surprised with a cake. The whole family was around to celebrate together. I kept myself busy replying to birthday greeting in Facebook.

I had lost count of the number people who greeted me. It was probably over two hundred of them. I was excited to see messages from people whom I thought would never greet me, on the other hand, I was disappointed to hear nothing from some good friends.


We Worked and We Ate

[Tuesday, 27 April, 2010]

I played LANs game with my brother and we caught the shows on Discovery Channel together. In the end, I slept at 5am, which was earlier than the days before.

Meeting Irwin at Orchard MRT made me proud for my time estimation was excellence that I arrived just around five minutes earlier. However, he took the wrong direction’s train and thus I had to wait at the platform for half an hour.

He brought me to Shaw House and we started having Mosburger after U-turn from the MacDonald’s since he did not like Mac breakfast. We started working at the open air MacCafe after breakfast. It was a good place to work at only if it came without the presence of the smokers. I could feel that my entire body stink and I was so uncomfortable throughout. Our late lunch was takeaway MacDonald’s from the nearby outlet.

In the evening, we went to Far East Plaza, followed by ION where we took second round of dinner in such short time interval from the previous meal. The Go Go Curry claimed to be the best curry in the world. My stomach was bloated even though I took only one quarter of the big portion of food shared.

We decided to walk to my house in order to digest the food and the sudden heavy rainfall welcomed us for a few minutes. We proceeded on and stopped by Liang’s Court for toilet break before resting by the side of the river next to The Central. Irwin wanted to continue with work but the MacDonald’s at Funnan Centre did not have power supply and the TCC was going to close in an hour’s time. After walking to Clarke Quay, we took a cab and Irwin dropped me at my place.


Lynn’s Birthday Gathering at Brewerkz

[Sunday, 14 March, 2010]

I woke up in time to catch my favourite show on channel 8 at 11am. It was the last episode of “Plan A”.

It seemed like a long afternoon for blogging. Somehow the clock on my laptop was wrong and I had to adjust an hour earlier, such that the meeting with my ex NP classmates was kind of delayed. The long waiting put me to sleep after stuffing a chocolate into my mouth.

I woke up more than an hour later in shock. I checked my phone and realised Wen Chang had messaged me saying that he had overslept. Eventually he was only late for half an hour, whereas, I doubled his record. Jason won me.

Brewerkz was never my ideal place for dinner. Even though I had been there for a few times with Irwin, my short term memory told me it was a western food restaurant and thus I made a silly and wasted trip up the Central shopping centre.

I had pizza for the second time the week but I preferred that place as a drinking place more.

It was never a comfortable gathering with a few big expensive DSLR cameras around. I kept my small digital camera behind me. I hated the feeling when being asked to comment on the fact that I used to be the one taking photos around during the schooling days and now that others were doing it on my behalf.

I could only admit to myself that photography is an expensive habit.

After the dinner, I was on different way from them after passing by the Central. Missing a bus after the long way, I decided to continue with the walk.


FYP Presentation was over

It was my last struggle on Saturday morning to finish up all the work, including updating the site and flash video. I was nodding so badly since I had already exhausted myself the night before; and yet, I went off to bed after 3am again.

As expected, I could not wake up a couple of hours later. I was late but the waiting for bus 75 delayed my trip furthermore, such that I was late for more than twenty minutes. I went straight to the student lounge and waited there. While I was trying to setup my laptop to look at the PowerPoint slides, I realized I did not bring my adapter along and my laptop was the only one with PHP installed, which was required for presenting the website. Thus, I sat there without setting up my system, and did my best to recall the contents.

It was near nine AM when I started to message them. Soon Siong called and told me they were already at the third level. The setting up of the game using Ad-hoc network was problematic somehow even though we managed to do it easily at Starbucks a couple of times. The latency was bad. I tried to install PHP into Andy’s system but his MySQL did not seem to be working. We gave up on showing the site as my laptop failed to stay as the server to demonstrate the game, which was the most crucial part.

The assessors were not very interested in all the PowerPoint slides, which disappointed me since lots of efficient was spent. I did not want to skip the parts immediately since Mr Prem did mention a lot during the previous lecture and I thought I need to show him we had made drastic improvements; moreover, I was afraid that the entire presentation would end too early.

The setting up of the game was disastrous. The projector’s screen size turned the interface haywire. Somehow, the connection socket was not working well. Things were not within my anticipation. We wasted a lot of time on the preparation, but luckily, the assessors were not annoyed over it, or at least, they did not appear to. Mr Prem sounded more like trying to help us than to pinpoint us, but, his words had destroyed my hopes of getting a better grade completely.

We were deciding to go for lunch together but Andy dropped out since he had to go to find his girlfriend. Stephen suddenly decided to go off as well. Soon Siong and I ended up going to Clementi hawker to eat instead. I recommended him the famous chicken cutlet. After that, we took the train home. The lack of rest had provoked my backaches.

I tried to clear my emails at home before playing game, but I was too tired to stay conscious for long. In the evening, I went for a jog towards the Marina Barrage again using the Polar system. The strap attached with the device to measure my heartbeat went loose after a while and it made me very uncomfortable. Somehow, it caused problems to my constant pace for I tried to inhale more each time to stop the strap from slipping down. It somehow made my heart work harder to weaken it, and I felt discomfort on my chest to pace my way. After passing by the bus-stop nearest to Marina Bay MRT station, the strap slipped down. It was disastrous. I had to slowly adjust it when there were fewer people around.

Marina Barrage was as crowded as usual with couples, families and groups of friends; inclusive of babes. The strong wind dried me up soon but it did take a break for a short period of time. I sat there alone to watch all the happy faces till the darkness almost overwhelmed the entire sky. My mum gave me a call to tell me that she wanted to dine outside and thus I made my way back. This time, I fastened the Polar strap more. I was hot on my pace but somehow it was not as fast as what I had thought. When I was near the carpark near my place, I saw a babe from the manicure shop.

My mum and younger brother wanted to go to Bugis but we decided to stop at The Central where I met Christine. Then, we went to Billy Bombers after buying my mum Christmas present. We had some advantages since it was my younger brother’s birthday the day before and they had some promotions. The fish was less than what my younger brother had described but the strawberry milkshake was nice.

Date: 12/12/2009
Time: 18:23
Duration: 23:12
Calories: 311 kcal
Average Heartbeat: 176
Maximum Heartbeat: 197
Fat Burn: 00:54
Fitness: 22:18

Date: 12/12/2009
Time: 19:41
Duration: 22:29
Calories: 319 kcal
Average Heartbeat: 182
Maximum Heartbeat: 196
Fat Burn: 00:15
Fitness: 22:04