Chinese New Year Eve 2011

[Wednesday, 2 February, 2011]

I spent some time blogging for the tuition agency and went to sleep after 3am.

I woke up at 9am to get ready for movie with my family. We caught “Ghosts must be Crazy” at Tiong Bahru Plaza at 11am. It was one of the lamest shows I had ever caught. It had two stories and the last one was really sick. I regretted catching it.

We had lunch at the food court. The four of us had kaya toast with eggs. The tea was diluted. My younger brother went straight for his tuition assignment. We went to the M1 shop for a while. After taking the train back, we went to the NTUC for a while and my mum went missing.

While I was trying to blog and do my work, Joanna messaged me and I was very stressed by her because I could no longer afford more hours to help her do her programming assignment. I started on a new article on teenage dating.

My aunt came over with my youngest uncle and we had reunion dinner at the Kopitiam at Pinnacle Duxton. It was the first time we dined out on the Chinese New Year Eve night.

After that, my youngest uncle went to Chinatown by himself to walk around. My mum and I walked my aunt to the bus-stop at Everton Park.

After reaching home, I continued with my work. There was some discussion regarding the tuition agency.


Dinner with Anthony at Tiong Bahru

[Thursday, 5 August, 2010]

A new website came into my mind but it was tough due to inexperience with the trades. I spent hours chatting with Vanessa while doing my work. I went to bed hours after sunrise. Eventually, I got up at around 2pm.

My lunch was chicken rice and it did not taste good. Anthony called me at before 5pm and we arranged to meet up at Tiong Bahru Plaza at 6.30pm after his work. I rushed down to the gym slightly after 5pm and started my second gym session of the week after missing one session for the previous week.

I took my weight using the weighing machine there and was surprised to see that my weight had hit 55kg after so many years. I was too lazy to tie weights to my body and thus I did the normal chin-ups with raps of 15, 13, 15 and 17, the last one with a single hand push from Bobby who happened to pass by. Both Tze Khit and Bobby continued to tell me to take some protein powder and they wanted to give me one tub for free.

I ran home as I was way behind my schedule. Within around less than half an hour, I showered and reached Tiong Bahru, but I was late for around five minutes. I met up with Anthony soon and we went to Thai Express where we chatted for as long as the staffs refilled my cup of drinks for more than five times. I did not like the idea of being treated for I was jobless.


Caught Movie Storm Warriors 2

Last Friday was a holiday, which was brought over for the previous Deepavali. I planned to get started with my websites but my younger brother dated me to catch the “Storm Warriors 2” movie.

I had my haircut at 10am in the morning and my mum insisted me to join them at the hawker centre after that.

In the mid afternoon, we set off to our auntie’s house at Kim Tian Road to fix her phone and brought her to Tiong Bahru Plaza for the show. My brother had a free ticket and my auntie had her elderly card while we had student cards, it only cost me $10 for three movie tickets.

We went to the foodcourt after getting the tickets. I felt cheated by the western food stall ran by two China guys for they offered student meal and an old man also managed to get it. The portion was little and the fish tasted badly. My brother got a bowl of ice kachang after queuing up for more than ten minutes since the same stall was ran by an auntie with “black” face, who had to settle the dim sum as well.

We went in early for the movie. The song was nice and the start of the show seemed quite promising until the cartoons were shown, and both my brother and I agreed it was a low budget film. I did not like the animation and especially the irritating sound effects. The writer certainly had no clue what to add on that the fighting part was dragged long, being over-stretched that both of us almost dozed off many times. In fact, I did blackout for a few seconds every now and then. It was much lousier than the first episode.

We got ourselves a packet of chicken from the Shilin stall before accompanying our auntie home. She insisted us to take the food she had cooked earlier on, which was a turn-off for me since I did not like fish head; moreover, I was still quite full from the late lunch and was extremely sleepy. After dinner, I dozed off on the sofa for probably around half an hour before going home.

Somehow, I blamed myself for not starting off with my websites.

After reaching home, I checked the street directory for the outing with Gilbert the next morning. Then, I rushed down to the NTUC supermarket to get six canned milo, and also got some ants traps. My younger brother was so excited to stick those traps all over the house, watching the irritating ants going in to bring the poison back to their hives.


Dinner at Rajar Inn and Birthday Presents

On Sunday evening, I received a sudden invitation to go out for dinner. Since my mum was not in Singapore yet and that I did not want to turn them down, I decided to give up my show – 鹿鼎记.

I met up my gang at Tiong Bahru Plaza. They waited at the restaurant called Rajar Inn where we invested in a buffet dinner again.

Being a light eater, it was not a good choice for me; it was definitely a waste of money especially when steamboat was such a bored stuff. The first dish was durian pastry, of a normal standard, and the rest was in fact not satisfying to me. The thirty buck spent was a total waste of money.

Braun Buffel Wallet

Nike Bag

I received my first two birthday presents of the year – a Braun Buffel wallet and a Nike sling bag. I had not heard of the wallet’s brand due to my lack of brand awareness, but it certainly seemed expensive, and owning such accessory was a waste of money on me.

It was very pressurizing to receive birthday presents, especially when my buddies had been saying that “how much you spend for others is how much you will eventually get back”. If you could afford a hundred dollar, would others be able to do it? I supposed family background could pose problems between friends.

I would not care about the value of the presents and I supposedly did not really need anything since I had eliminated all my NEEDs, unless someone could spare money for a DSLR camera or even buy a house for me.

Anyway, my buddies knew me too well that they bluffed me to show them my wallet and then they started replacing all my cards over to the new one since they knew I would not be using the new one any soon if they did not do it that way. It was the same scenario as the mobile phone chain which Weitat bought for me at Hong Kong a month ago and he borrowed my phone so that he could force the gift onto it.

I was practically being touched by their efforts.

Anyway, when Mingli teased that I did not get her any birthday present, I got the shock of my life. I was always not the one who went in search of birthday presents and thus, when my gang bought presents individually, I tended to have problems.