I Need to Blog

I’m seriously ashamed of myself for not blogging for long. Life is never the same as before and I have to neglect some hobbies sometimes.

Ever since I have started working on my tuition agency website, things have changed a lot. I’m a one-man-show for most of the back-end work. After more than a year, it does look like a professional website, but there are many features I have yet to implement or improve on. I have to worry about SEO and spend lots of time on them every week and eventually the daily boring administration work almost turns me berserk.

I’m also working on quite a number of blogs as well, which are either non-profitable or can earn me money in future. There is also a blog for the tuition agency. This makes my personal blog insignificant compared to them. My contents are also diverted to the blogs.

After all, my time management is really bad. It is not that I’m working 24 hours everyday but I’m always drained and thus operating at a lower speed.

It is definitely good to keep my blog running because it is one of the best ways to relieve my stuffed brain. I rarely get in touch with people and it is bad to keep things within myself, especially my frustration.

However, apart from having lack of time, people around me do give me problems as well. I’m not able to type whatever is in my mind sometimes because I have readers who are stalking my friends. Some people with lower EQ can also quote me out of texts to create problems for me. After all, many things have hit my motivation hard.

Another demoralizing thing is that my plan to move my blog from BlogSpot into my personal domain has stalled for very long. Somehow, I’m quite greedy that I want to keep my existing layout and structure, such that I would need to spend time learning how to edit WordPress template. Recently, updating WordPress for some of my blogs have also given me problems.

I have been tweeting a lot, which auto forwards the statuses to my Facebook, but the limited characters are pathetic. I have tried to forward the tweets over to my blog automatically through Hellotxt but it has shamefully failed me.

I’m a person full of thoughts but I do not have the chance to express myself freely. Blogging is almost the only way for me to become myself. Although it allows people with not-so-good intention to find out more about what is happening around me, it also allows people who are truly concern about me to show their support.

I’m always curious who will still bother to read my blog after so long of idling.

Collection of Office Keys

[Friday, 10 December, 2010]

Friday was a long day for me. I spent the morning working on the “Our Services” page for Smart Tuition Singapore to include extra services. I wanted to go to bed early since I had to meet up with Mike to collect the keys to the new office. However, my mum wanted to go to the ATM at around 3am and we brought Lucky down. Her main motive was probably to take Lucky for a walk, which was certainly at the wrong time. Lucky refused to do his business downstairs and eventually gave me more work to wipe his poo on the floor later on. I went to bed at 6am and Lucky disturbed me for quite long, moving down and up of the bed.

Mike’s SMS at 9.30am woke me up. I met him up Amara hotel and we took a cab over to Raeburn Park. We had breakfast at the canteen and Linda came down. David was busy with another client and he did not come down as what he had told us days ago, however, the co-broke agent did not join us as well.

After collecting the keys, we walked around the place while waiting for the air-conditioner man, Ah Tan, to come over. The assistant manager, Xiao Hui, joined us to give us instructions on the installation, such as piping. It was problematic and I finally realised why the rental fee was low. Ah Tan advised us to look for the contractor from the management who had done the work there before and was thus familiar with the procedure.

We strolled over to Chinatown Point’s MacDonald’s. Mike exhausted himself by sharing his stories and strategies with me. After that, we took a bus back to Kampong Bahru Road. After resting for a while while waiting for Xiao Hui to get back to us regarding the contractor’s contact information, we walked to Tanjong Pagar.

Due to the lack of sleep, I had a low efficient afternoon trying to do my SEO for the tuition agency website. I spent hours typing a new article – Home Tuition in Singapore.

The Johor Bahru trip for the next day to celebration my younger brother’s birthday was confirmed.


Finished Off Another Free Freelance Hopefully

[Saturday, 21 August, 2010]

As I took my lunch and dinner together in the late afternoon, I started starving soon. I went to the prata shop with my mum and elder brother for supper. After that, I continued to work on Bianhong’s photo for printing a puzzle for his girlfriend’s birthday present with distraction from the internet. I went to sleep after 7am.

I woke up at around 2pm. the nasi lemak my mum bought was cold. She added extra ingredients to my packet as she probably could not finish hers. The chicken wings were awful as the meat was difficult to chew on.

The backache I had since days ago was bothering me a lot. I did not have the mood to work but still, I managed to complete Bianhong’s picture and pending his acknowledgement. Since his girlfriend was besides him, he could not give me a reply to see if any amendment was needed.

Since Tengy finally replied me after she filtered my message in MSN the day before, and she was easily agreeable to let me use her photo for my new Facebook group, I went ahead to work on it. I also peeked into the latest article I wrote for SmokeForWhat, but my brain was not working well enough for a conclusion yet.

In the late evening, I was totally out of mood to do anything. I spent the time lying on the bed and playing Condition Zero. It was a noisy night for my family started cooking prawns and had beer. Then, they decided to go to the beach the next day.


Dining and Shopping Together as Whole Family

[Tuesday, 10 August, 2010]

I slept at 6am and my mum woke me up at around 10.30am before she left for the hospital. I was brushing my teeth and she changed her mind that she left together with my elder brother without even telling me. I went back to sleep until around 1pm.

The four of us had lunch at the Tanjong Pagar food centre. After that, I accompanied my younger brother to the MRT station to buy his student concession pass.

I spent the afternoon doing up an article for SmokeForWhat but it was much easier since someone else had typed the article out and I was merely formatting it and researching the keywords.

At night, the four of us went the Chinatown Complex to have dinner at the level two food centre. This time, we had chicken rice but my younger brother did not take much since he had the same food not long ago in school.

After the dinner, we shopped at Swanston and followed by the CK departmental store where I saw a very cute and sweet girl. Next, we moved to the Tanjong Pagar NTUC.

It had been long since we went out on our own.


Getting Back on Feet for a Day

[Wednesday, 4 August, 2010]

The usual deep pondering caused my head spinning. I tried to break the record by going to bed before 1am since I knew it was going to be a boring morning in the internet but my mind refused to stop working. It took two hours for me to give up and start booting up my laptop.

A moment of frustration hit me hard to wake me up. For the past month, I had been strangling myself with greed that had slowed me down too much. I was never in mood for anything. I hated the fact that history always repeated itself.

I started warming up my engine and slowly sped off with blogging, website editing, clearing up my desktop and even uploading of old pending photos. Updating my portfolio with the Chinese poems was a pain in my ass. I realised I had not been adding the new ones for years and it seemed that I did not keep the new ones properly inside my poem files. I exhausted myself but I refused to stop until 7am. I did not feel like going to bed just like having a strike.

Zaki rang me up at around 11am and he guessed well that I was still in the mid of my sleep. He verbally answered to the email I sent him in the morning that our gang was not going overseas anymore for the upcoming long weekend, and he also asked if I knew how to fix router. I went back to sleep and woke up after 1pm.

It was a big struggle to keep my mind focused. I tried hard not to think of catching a movie. The concentration into web design did me well though my mind did wander off some times. The work lasted till late night before I emailed shifu guiltily after the long delay of work with the temporary location in my webhost.

The confession from Vanessa stating she used to be scared of me haunted me throughout the day. The claim was that I was too sharp. I began to reflect on myself for how many tales I had exposed in the past that had drawn people away. I was probably being too harsh to myself. Nevertheless, it was good to be different from hypocrites and only unique people would appreciate.

Sunday at IKEA

[Sunday, 1 August, 2010]

Blogging was a chore. I finally uploaded my latest article regarding smoking in corridor to SmokeForWhat, together with photos. I also created an addition item in the main menu to organise them better. However, it required more than just scripting. In additional, I also included a sitemap near the bottom to showcase the menus at one go so that users could glance at them at one go if they did not want to use the dropdown menu. I went to bed at 6am.

My brother woke me up at 1.30pm. After washing up, we set off towards Queensway and my mum hopped onto the bus near Kim Tian Road. We were eyeing for the hawker centre opposite Queensway shopping centre but it was closed. We proceeded to IKEA straight away and dined at the foodcourt. The sore throat forbid me from eating properly, besides, I could not eat a lot right after waking up.

We shopped around and this time we did not leave empty-handed. My brother bought a clothes hanger trolley for his girlfriend since she was going to stay in my house more often as she was going to begin working at Orchard. We also had an extendable tray holder for the bathroom but it was too big.

I had Hor Fun for my late dinner.


Webcam with Jade Finally

[Tuesday, 20 July, 2010]

When Kevin started messaging me in MSN, I began to realise my life was really stagnant. At least, he complimented me on the development of SmokeForWhat. I went to sleep after 4am, setting my alarm clock to sound at 10am.

It was a great battle after 10am and I managed to stay awake after half an hour. I started blogging insanely. Since it was raining throughout the afternoon, I was lazy to step out of the house.

There was nothing special about the evening except that I got to webcam with Jade for a while when she was studying with her male classmates.


Too much Inspiration was Killing

[Thursday, 15 July, 2010]

My brother downloaded a new 2 on 6 Command and Conquer map and we had a second game together after struggling in the first game. It was 3.30am when I finished clearing up spams in Facebook groups. I made severe tosses on the bed before dozing off.

I woke up in the morning but forced myself to sleep, and eventually woke up at around 2pm. Dreams seemed to come back into me so often and this day, a monk appeared and my family seemed to be close with him.

After touching up a bit on the new freelance website, I could not control myself but to put my new ideas into SmokeForWhat, updating several pages and adding a new page – Quit Smoking Checklist. My perseverance had led to more hits from search engine, displaying my SEO skill; but the cute little Google Bot for PageRank had not visited the site for months that I was so anxiously waiting for the new PageRank result.

At night, there was a very nasty spam in Facebook by someone creating lots of accounts, flooding groups with “add me for farmville and if you love your iphone, but be nice xx”. The asshole could have succeeded in hooking up guys to add the fake accounts before starting to spam them individually, but so many accounts posing the exact same message was too obvious for most people, except for some horny guys who probably could not use their brains. I did my part by removing and banning them in one of my affected groups, which was terribly time-killing for the enormous count of them.


Day of Mee Hoon

[Sunday, 11 July, 2010]

I slept earlier than usual at around 4am after blogging. Finally, I woke up before noon and my aunt came over with my breakfast – mee hoon with chicken wing and sausage.

I spent the entire afternoon typing an article for SmokeForWhat.

My dinner was the mee hoon cooked by my mum in the morning.

It was quite a good evening.