Happy Valentine’s Day

You were probably out with someone else and had enjoyed your night. On this romantic night, your hand could have felt warm.

True lovers just want their loved ones to be happy.

Are you happy?

On this very same day of every year, I felt the same. Luck was never with me.

It is never peer pressure that has caused me to fall for anyone; I am never searching for anything except the feeling of happiness.

I do not take on a battle that I have no chance to win and I never want anyone to suffer with me before I make my mark. I do not belittle myself but I am realistic about my current situation. I do not make empty promises.

Most girls prefer guys who can promise them the stars even though they subconsciously know that it is impossible. They love flowery words and the feeling of being wooed.

I am a person who “under-promise and over-deliver”. There are always two sides for everything – good and bad. At least, people who appreciate me will trust and feel comfortable with me – they have fewer disappointments and more surprises.

Some people say that I am stubborn but everyone, regardless of any horoscope, has his own insistence on certain things. There are many things that some people, including me, cannot bring ourselves to do, and they are far different from being stubborn.

I am not someone who would get flowers. I would rather buy gold than diamond.

Not many girls would fancy a guy like me.

Valentine’s Day is a joke for me.

Valentine’s Day 2011

[Monday, 14 February, 2011]

I spent the early morning chatting in Facebook with Sae Yeoh and Galvin. I went to sleep after 5am and woke up after 2pm.

Uncle Rocky came over to look at the house’s renovation after my mum complained to him about the poor workmanship. He got an Indian guy over to fix up the holes. That guy’s English was really lousy or perhaps, he seemed to be using Indian language to talk to us in a tone that it was our main language. Since I had to wait for the Indian guy to come over again, I did not go to the office.

I spent the day working on SEO but the main tool was down and left me almost paralyzed. I thought I could reward myself on the Valentine’s Day by pushing more keywords up in Google but it turned out to be a sad day.

I had never celebrated Valentine’s Day before and I did not have any urge to do it due to my work.

I had a chat with Jingkun in Facebook during the evening. After that, I continued working on my superb article for SEO purpose.


Valentine’s Day 2009

My mum went on cruise last Friday and thus, my meals were affected badly. Saturday afternoon saw me fill my stomach with cornflake and milk.

I was a lazy bum as usual.

I pinned high hope for Irwin to get back to Singapore early and he returned in the evening as planned, however, he did not want to risk queuing up with the crowd outside any restaurant since it was Valentine’s Day.

We went for golfing instead and I bought some finger food at the cafe. The crispy lemon chicken pieces were disastrous. It was not very safe to get such food from small cafe because the food may not be fresh enough. Whatever the case, some parts were not well cooked enough.

I strike many air balls before beginning to do the swinging in more an appropriate way than ever – that was to use the left hand’s strength instead of both. I could not get the ball far until I got bored and started to use my waist when I decided I had enough of practice with the “P” instead of “7 Iron”.

We went to Bugis to meet up with Eugene before proceeding to TCC. I was right that the waitress, Charlene, was not around. Anyway, the inside seats were all taken and thus we sat at the non air-conditioned place. We asked for ice water while we were looking through the menu but the waiter claimed that it would be served only when we placed our order. It took them some time to attend to us to take our order later and even longer to bring the water over to drench our thirst. We did not like the attitude of the waiter at all. We were interrupted twice in the midst of enjoying our chat for they brought drinks over like as if we would order new ones before finishing ours.

We went over to a pub at Suntec City where we were questioned of our ages. I was not fan of alcohol. Since there was no backrest and the recent relapse of my worsening back problem put me in sweat. I knew I probably looked pale if it was in the daylight.

Eugene took a cab home. Irwin and I walked towards my place but stopped at a prata shop near Clarke Quay to have our dinner. Irwin’s briyani rice turned out to be just plain white rice, whereas my two plain roti pratas were hard. We were served can drinks without ice and cup.

After we reached my place, Irwin took a cab home. It was around four AM when I reached home.

I had never been through a Valentine’s Day with a girl before but it did not affect my mood.


Difference between Stingy and Thrifty

Growing up is all about spending more money. The biggest difference is that when we are young, we are spending parents’ money; when we get older, we are spending our own money.

There are just too many fortunate people living around me who can never understand the fears. We simply belong to different groups, or rather, different classes; of course, I’m in the lower class.

It requires some standard of income stability to be able to afford a meal which cost over two hundreds dollars for a Valentines’ Day dinner. Be it whatever annual event which can only be celebrated once a year, you will not even think about celebrating it if you are having financial difficulties.

Financial freedom includes when you can survive even without working; that is you do not need to contribute any money to the family, and you do not need to repay any loan at this point of time and in near future. For example, if you are the only child, you need not necessary purchase your own house in future even though you may wish to get one; you do not have the burden.

If you have not experienced facing long lasting financial crisis before, you will never understand the meaning of poverty. Since then, your mentality of spending money would differ from the very poor ones.

Most people understand the concept of “saving for the rainy days” but not many can execute it well. The poor ones definitely have greater determination, especially those rare ones who have experienced “raining for donkey years” after doing their best to save up; they greatly appreciate their own efforts. The feeling is definitely different from spendthrifts who face sudden debts.

We should thrash out between stingy and thrifty. Stingy is a negative value, which is often deemed as excess scrimping, but is never a crime; whereas thrifty is definitely a good one. A stingy person is a person who is self-centred, whereas a thrifty person simply eliminates unnecessary expenditure but will spend whatever is required. A person who spends little on his own stuffs and causes his own sufferings, yet is willing to spend on others, is definitely more than a thrifty person. If you want to be respected, activate your little brain to analyse before you make comments because it can be discouraging and hurting.

I never want to grow up because of the heavy responsibilities. We each shoulders different weights.

My Valentine’s Day Celebration

It was a long day and I ended work at my “brother’s side” of the office. They talked all day long about work but I still managed to catch some jokes. At 7pm, I went down to the hall but most of them had not arrived. It was not long before I started to feel fatigue. When Weitat told me to get changed to join him in warming up, I dozed off instead.

The rest of them arrived at as late as 8pm and thus, I did not sleep for long before getting up. Feeling exhausted, I could not really play good volleyball. The worst thing was that I had forgotten to trim my fingernails and the fear of accidents broke my momentum.

Mingfa’s students did not play well and thus, he sent them off before the last game. The remaining eight of us had fun playing four on four and I managed to get back some touches. I felt pain when I was supposed to be immune to it already and that showed how I was lack of volleyball playing.

Weitat had to rush home by midnight to offer joss sticks to the “heaven” and thus we could not go anywhere far. Therefore, we went to the “half chicken” stall near NTUC. It had been long since we dropped by there after volleyball. The price for everything had increased fifty cents. Since it was already very late, I did not manage to enjoy the chicken chop.

After that, I shamelessly hopped onto Wilson’s car again and became their lightblub at the end of this very special day.

Valentine’s Present

Sorry for not able to update my main site for so long. I have been caught between many websites and other work.

A year ago, I presented “Unforeseen”, which is a very short love story. For this shitty Valentines’ Day, I shall present to you the preview of my latest story – Lonestar (Can be found in “My Arts”).

In fact I have been working on it for more than a year but I’m forced to set it aside for other work. It is a self thought story, mixed with some true experience of my past. Title and contents are subjected to change any time.

Please give me some feedbacks so that I know if I’m on the right track.

It’s So Near

Out of a sudden, I start to realise Valentine’s Day is so near. I have lost track of dates and none of the festivals has caught my excitement.

It is not the case that my group of volleyball friends do not hold outings, but somehow there are always reasons to be alone.

Frankly speaking, I do not have the capability to celebrate it with any girl. Money is the culprit to my lack of confidence. I have been so restricted to the things I can do, learn and give.

NO to Valentines’ Day

In the name of all singles, hereby I protest against the availability of Valentines’ Day that it should be annulled; and only till the day I’m attached with someone who really places me high in her heart, the bar may be released.

If any objection is raised, we shall rename it to Friendship Day instead; and in case of any hostile protest, 14th February shall be pronounced as a public holiday.