Day with Countless Visible Products

[Friday, 14 January, 2011]

Sore throat started to erupt. I was working on the tuition agency website and had the “Singapore Services” page up and also revamped on “Our Services”. Then, I blogged about the release of GCE ‘A’ level results 2010 in year 2011. I finally went to bed at 5am.

I woke up after 11am and set off to the office at noon. The property agent in representing LHN group came over and we had a long chat from the office to the canteen. We tried the leftover dishes from the new Chinese chef.

After writing a new blog at Smart Tuition Singapore Blog about Sophie, I continued with some amendments for the admin side. Then, I proceeded to do SEO.

Mike and I took cab over to Vivocity in the rain to take a walk and have our dinner. We went back to Challenger and were quite disappointed that the Xbox showcase area was filled with products and I supposed the charismatic Xbox girl had finished her holiday job.

We went over to Harbourfront Centre and I was impressed with the shop next to the food court that sold very creative and cool household products. Then, we had western food at the first level for our dinner before heading back to the office by bus to Kampong Bahru Road.

I worked on the Singapore Schools page and began my crazy SEO journey for the night. We were both excited to see the results weeks later. We left the office at 11pm and I continued with work right after reaching home.


Finally, Out with Huiting

[Sunday, 2 January, 2011]

I had a lazy morning doing work while chatting with Carmen until 7am.

Huiting messaged me to delay the meet-up time and later, she decided to go for a movie instead of cycling since it was far. I met up with her at Vivocity’s cinema ticket booth near 3pm. After we bought the tickets to “Meet the Focker”, we went to Long John’s Silver for lunch.

It was a humorous movie that caused laughers inside the theatre. After that, I sent Huiting to work before going home and dozing off in the early evening.

My mum ordered delivery from the Golden Café for dinner. I spent the night working on the tuition agency site and also had some discussion with my brother again.


New Year Eve Working in Office

[Friday, 31 December, 2010]

I could not doze off at 2am probably due to the air-conditioner. It had been a great problem for me to sleep early all these years. For the past week, I did not have this problem since my mum and younger brother were not around and thus I could sleep with only the fan on.

I went to join my elder brother after some hours since he had not switched on the air-conditioner. However, my nose was already blocked and I had problem dozing off. Knowing about this, my elder brother did not switch on the air-conditioner even though he was about to do it before I joined him.

I went to the office after waking up at 11am and started doing networking stuff for Smart Tuition Singapore. Mike and I had lunch at Pinnacle Duxton. He bought herbal soup and plain rice, carrot cake and chay kway teow. We were rather disappointed with the latter.

After going back to the office, I continued with my work and also did some coordination work for Smart Tuition Singapore.

At night, we went to Vivocity and had dinner at Super Dog for the first time. It was rather expensive for the standard of food. We went to the Challenger and saw a stuff selling the Xbox 360 Kinect. She was stylish. After she ended her job, she got changed into her home clothes and looked even more attractive.

Mike and I left for the office before the crowd became worse with the New Year countdown. We met the security guard, Kirstna, and he told us his story for almost half an hour while I was having a bad stomach. In order not to give him the wrong impression, I waited for him to end the conversation before I rushed to the toilet. We continued with our work and Mike released his stress by playing Starcraft 2 online.

Working on the New Year Eve was nothing unusual but working inside the office during New Year Eve was quite special.


Home Alone Day Three

[Saturday, 25 December, 2010]

I spent the morning blogging. Before going to bed at 3.30am, I collected the clothes from the bamboo sticks to keep them. Lucky disturbed me from my sleep many times.

I woke up at 11am by Mike’s SMS and we met up for breakfast near the 7-11, at one of the mixed vegetable rice stall. Then, we went to the office.

We shopped a while at Vivocity in the afternoon. We covered merely Daiso and Challenger before we went back to the office. The two large whiteboards had arrived the day before and we started fixing them up.

I cracked my head programming in the CMS of my tuition agency site to include AJAX. Mac came over to visit the office and he was very impressed by the design. It started raining heavily in the evening and we were going to Tanjong Pagar Plaza for dinner before the rain became a bit lighter, they decided to have their dinner at City Square instead. I went home alone and called for delivery and I enjoyed my favourite Malay fried rice from the Golden Café.

Lucky never stopped to disturb me from doing my work. I had webcam with my family.


Home Alone Day One

[Thursday, 23 December, 2010]

I went to sleep at 4am and by 9am, everyone was gone and I knew they were on the way to Malaysia for holidays. I felt weak somehow and I knew I was going to fall sick soon.

I went to the office alone and did not take my breakfast. I started tidying up a bit while waiting for the SingNet guy. Given the time range of 10am to 2pm, he came after 12pm. He did not sound happy for it was his second trip down to my office. I saw the voucher and realised I had rushed down to the office two days ago for nothing since the stated date was the day before.

I bought a “mai gai” from the canteen and started doing a bit of my work. Mike came over and after some time, we went to Vivocity for movie, catching Tron. It was the only time I could sit down properly to relax after so many weeks. It was in fact the first 3D movie I had watched but somehow it was not very impressive to me. Mike complained that the movie was too dark.

After going home to feed Lucky, I went down to the gym to join the guys in the Christmas celebration. Tze Khit passed me a list of tasks to do for his website but the place was too crowded for me to do anything when my head was spinning. When there were fewer people, I went home to bring Lucky to play with the kids but they left soon.

I reached home near midnight.


She’s a Babe

[Wednesday, 22 December, 2010]
I did many minor things and by the time I went to sleep at 6am, I could not even remember what I had done. I woke up at 1pm and rushed down to the office because Mike told me the SingNet guy would be going down. I was not sure why he did not go down the day before.
My day was lightened up by a sweet voice over the phone to enquire about a tuition assignment in my tuition agency website. I was quite surprised for people usually would ring my brother up instead since I had placed his number above mine.
The SingNet guy came and he asked for the company stamp. He passed his supervisor’s number to me and left with the MIOS modem. Mike contacted the supervisor and he said he had instructed the deliveryman to solve our issue with the stamp but he did not get back to us.
We did a thorough area cleaning and moved the furniture to the exact position. We advanced to Vivocity for dinner but Mike missed it as he tried the highway. We decided to visit IKEA instead and had our dinner at Anchor Point’s Subway. The ulcer inside my mouth and the sore throat quite irritated me.
We went shopping at IKEA to do a final grabbing of necessity before travelling to Vivocity’s BEST to purchase a kettle and fan. Then, we went to the Giants to get a mini fridge. During the journey, I was using Mike’s iPad and I was deadly addicted by it. After going back to office, we started drilling holes and continuing with the positioning of the furniture.


To the Office Many Times

[Tuesday, 21 December, 2010]

The key thing I did was blogging, followed by editing of my photo. It had been too long that I did not play with PhotoShop and thus I refused to go to bed until 8am.

I woke up at around 1pm and went to the gym to find Tze Khit. He told me that Bobby had taken away the 3G mobile stick and thus he could not go through his website to tell me the amendment needed. I went to the office immediately instead since Mike told me the SingNet guy would be arriving between 3 to 5pm.

I started clearing up the office while waiting for the SingNet guy. Mike arrived with new IKEA stuffs from Tampiness and we continued with our work like fixing up the stuffs on at the walls. The air-conditioner guy came down with his two workers and we left for Vivocity. We shopped at Giants for drill, power extension bar and some stick-on wall hooks. Then we went to the food court to packet chicken rice for the workers. After going back to office to deliver the food, we left for Tanjong Pagar and parked the car at Amara Hotel. However, we went to the Thai food restaurant at the corner of storey two of Tanjong Pagar Plaza. There was a couple sitting at the table near the door and they seemed to know the staffs very well. They were playing cards and sometimes seemed quite intimate, and the most important thing was that the girl was very cute looking. The pineapple rice Mike ordered was a big portion and tasted very nice but my egg wrapping fried rice was just normal. I tried their sour plum juice but it did not really satisfy my taste.

After going back to the office, Mike decided to go back to Tanjong Pagar to withdraw money for the air-conditioner contractor. After it was done, we started cleaning and packing up again and left after 11pm. We wanted to have supper at the shop besides the prata shop for beancurd and youtiao but it was already closed. In fact, I had not even noticed it at all.


My Web Progress and Shopping at Vivocity with Family

[Sunday, 5 December, 2010]

I spent the morning on a new feature in my tuition agency website’s admin page for accounting purposes. Finally, I slept at 8am.

I woke up at 2pm and was mentally prepared to join Huiting and her friends at Marina Bay but Huiting was down with flu. In the end, the outing was cancelled.

I uploaded the new files to the live site and started with WordPress. In the past when I did not have admin access to my page control panel, I was unable to play with it and thus, I gave up. I wanted to move away from Blogger since long ago but I did not have time. Now, having access to my own webhost, I was able to set up WordPress in a few clicks.

Mike sent me details about my horoscope and it was way long for reading but they were all true about me. I managed to finish half of it before my elder brother and mum wanted to go to Vivocity for dinner.

We shopped at Giants at the top storey and I was most interested in the furniture area where there were nice sofa-beds. After that, we moved to Pet Safari and our dinner was taken at Long John’s Silver.


Harry Potter Movie with my Mentor

[Thursday, 25 November, 2010]

I was working on my Singapore tuition agency website as usual before I went to sleep at 4am. I woke up at 10am and started working on Tze Khit’s eNets payment. After taking a nap, I went to Vivocity to meet up with Mike.

After reaching the place at 3pm sharp, I tried to contact Mike to check if he had arrived. I had another shock of my life against caused by my phone again for his number was no longer inside my contact list. I had never expected anything like that to happen for I had always been keeping my contacts inside my SIM card. After my phone died on me and I started using the old Nokia 3120, I had the same shock quite often.

There was nothing much I could do. I thought he would contact me once he reached. I went to the Starbucks and waited a while until there was empty space, I quickly tried to log into the internet using my laptop. I also called my younger brother to try to get him to insert his SIM card into my dead phone, which the numeric buttons were still working. However, Mike messaged me through MSN and we agreed that internet made wonders. He reached soon and explained that he had sent me an SMS followed by a call, which another guy picked up instead. He was using my old number probably.

We had a very long conversation there. He went through my tuition agency website and gave me feedbacks. He showed me his plans and I was very stunned by his ideas. We went to Carl’s Junior for dinner before he collapsed from famine. Then, we went to the Harry Potter movie. It was a bad start for my stomach was torturing me and I did not expect myself to last through the movie.

Harry Potter was reasonably a good movie, however, it reminded me of “Lighting Thief”, which the characters were looking for items one by one. It was just like a RPG game.

It was quite pathetic for me as I rarely went for movies and yet, I went with guys instead of girls almost every time. Nevertheless, I benefited a lot from the trip for it was much clearer to get answers from Mike face to face rather than using MSN.

After reaching home, I started working hard to “gain back” the time that I had lost. I had a very hard time trying to work on a software and web utility that Mike passed to me. My brain was almost bursting when my brothers were discussing over holiday trip and they repeatedly bugged me that killed my mood for any trip entirely.


Shopping at Vivocity

[Sunday, 21 November, 2010]

I spent the morning working on my tuition agency website and went to sleep at 8am.

I woke up at 4pm eventually. My elder brother, his girlfriend, my mum and I went to Vivocity together at 7pm. Since I took my first meal late, I did not eat anything at the Kopi Tiam food court. We shared a bowl of dessert. We went to the Giants before Daiso and finally to the pet shop. Eventually we bought sushi at the Giants before going home. I was quite turned off for some of the salmon had already turned bad and I knew the sushi’s quality was not that good anymore.

After a quick shopping at the NTUC, we started eating sushi at home.