Laughers return

Last Thursday was one of the happiest days I had in Stagmont so far. After the long day exercise and keeping of stores, it was all leisure time. There were great performance and steamboat buffet which filled my stomach so much. I was impressed with the dancers who could remember the steps which kept us entertained for hours. After which, we had our usual Uno game into midnight like nobody’s business, bringing laughers for each other. If not for the few selfish people, I wouldn’t remain quiet most of the time to reduce interaction.

Yesterday, the beach was crowded with beauties. I finally regained some skill to put on good games which I could be proud of. The first pain I encountered was when I was inside the pool, where there was a cramp on my left thigh. During the barbecue, the cramp returned and we laughed ridiculously as though it was really funny. It wasn’t long when the left part of my lower ribcage started to cramp as well. The day could be better somehow if there were more topics between me and the rest like in the past.

I seem to have broadened my thinking after all the bad encounters. There’re too many things to forsake because they aren’t important; things that I can’t help I shouldn’t waste my efforts at all. All the unfairness and biasness are parts of the daily lives and I shall just bear with them. I must be strong…

Just three more weeks and I’ll be through. Whereby there’s four more weeks to my freedom and I can live my previous volleyball life. Yes, if nothing goes wrong.

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