Year 2004

I’d been rebellious at the start of the year. Things were going bad especially my Final Year Project in polytechnic. Knowing that I couldn’t let history repeat itself, I began working hard after wasting a month’s time. Under the guidance of Mr. David Francis, my efforts paid off.

I started off with preparation for the NAPFA test but was too reluctant to do any exercise until I received the enlistment letter. I started to panic as the stated date was three weeks after, which was quite rush. I went for the NAPFA test at NP thrice and passed with a gold award. The instructors were surprised to see me do my pull-ups.

I started to prepare for the Singapore Volleyball Open tournament, playing for BMCC for the first time in my life. However, the lack of training had scraped off my confidence by then. I played the lousiest game ever at Hougang Sports Hall’s slippery floor with my weary shoes. The lighting played my astigmatism. I’d never felt as disgraceful as before.

I’d listed some tasks to be accomplished, but I finished none other than two websites. About half of my free time was spent entertaining friends on their problems. Since January, I’d reformatted more than ten hard disks. Sadly, my friends didn’t appreciate my work and they insisted that I was very free.

Into National Service was a total change of life for me. I felt isolated at a corner often as I couldn’t communicate well with my buddy who was slow. There were many selfish lamers and slackers, but also nice souls like Chunlin and Ben who helped me a lot. Illness and injuries developed especially during the field camp. I spent my 21st years old birthday doing push-ups and digging self scrape, which made me feel disappointed in my life. However, the army’s little allowance each month gave me a better life than before.

I undergo a change in character after witnessing the cruelty in life, where sadness stacked up daily. Perhaps, I was too emotional and self-reproaching. I became a quieter person. Then I realised it was too stupid to be sad – nobody would pity you when you hurt your brain. I shouldn’t care for people who take things for granted; instead, I should spend more time for own stuffs.

I was posted into Signal camp probably because my future unit wanted me to or due to my injuries. Life differed from BMTC’s a lot which resembled my polytechnic’s life. The toughest things were to stay awake during lessons and remember crazy names. Apart for the few lamers, there were many nice and friendly people there to light up my life, which motivated me a lot.

New Year resolutions:
– get attached out of camp for volleyball upon completion of my signal course
– play good volleyball
– be a confident man
– be more hard-hearted
– improve language and widen knowledge
– earn more money
– and more.

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