Empty statements

Nobody really knows the toughness of being in the AVA team. We get to enjoy working from 8 to 5 daily and we get to relax in the office to play games. They say we are slacking.

I nod my head, too carefree to argue. It has been a custom for people to judge on appearance and sayings, somehow not within my limit to enlighten them. Perhaps, sometimes I do give such remarks without processing through my mind.

They haven’t seen me moving the computers from the sixth storey using stairs, not even running errands from places to places. They’ve yet to witness me staying alone in a room throughout the day, just to safeguard some processors. They don’t consider the fact that I’ve to reach by 7.45am and leave after 5.30pm except for Fridays. My records were to book in at 6.45am and also book out at 9.30pm, just in the second week.

And now I’m alone in the office, waiting for lessons to start and end, with empty stomach. Soon that night would fall and it would be total darkness. I agree to stay because I’m all alone; nobody’s waiting for my call and nobody’s wishing for my companion. I’m willing to take up the job, its okay.

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