The sudden smile on my face seemed weird as I took each step. I recalled the fondable day, failing to not feel lucky.

My team was on the track to win trophies but declined to the glory at the crucial match. I took pains during the registration but it was fun after all being the signature holder of three and guardian of seven. What I gained for the day was far more than a voucher of tens over dollars.

I was astonished. Taking photos in between the two sweet girls was too good to be true. We posed sharing a cup of drinks with three straws and then with my hands on their shoulders. A moment ago, I thought it was impossible, and I always thought so; they were both afraid of me somehow. Nobody was as fortunate as me on that day.

Hadn’t it for the sudden rain, I wouldn’t have spoken to her in the rush. It had been a year since I last talked to her and helped her carry her pink bag.

I knew the rain would eventually stop and I wouldn’t be drenched forever. The sun would come out and the place would be brightened. What came next was unknown, a mystery for me to look forward to in excitement.

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