Phobia to leave

There was a sudden touch on my heart upon their arrival. They came in one by one and each time brightened my smile. Some were sweaty and smelly, but certainly had become fitter looking. They poured out their grief, making me feel so fortunate to stay in Signal Institute. There seemed too many questions to ask but suddenly my brain went blank, maybe due to shocks after listening to their stories.

As the day went by, I was greatly disheartened. The lengthy delayed briefing caused too much of a phobia, featuring days of recruits’ lives. I hated it, I feared it, and I was extremely depressed. Perhaps, I was too well-pampered for the past few months.

Carrying field bag to book in and out was a dumb thing and worse still, I could only get home from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening. What could a jail bird do? When would the friendly people reappear?

My posting was bad enough to bother me and I didn’t know how much troubles could be accumulated to tear me down again. Jianxing had given me very good advices and others suggested that I should stay on. Mingfa promised to pull me over to 3div, and this time as a driver after my course. I was full of doubts after the previous cock-up posting.

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