Reason to leave

The bad news is a relief after all; the tournament will be starting soon and I won’t have time to relax if I go over because I’ve to get back to work soon after it’s over.

3Div is always a place where I want to be in, because that’s where my team-mates are. I want to enjoy the “attach out” privilege, as well as to play volleyball – the sport which I always want to excel in. I want to stay home everyday to do self studying, so as to open path for my future career.

I’ve been waiting since Basic Military Training but I was posted to Signal Institute right after that. I thought my path was planned with the help of Mingfa, until I passed out from my course, I witnessed the unpredictable.

Back to Signal Institute, I’m given simple job. The people around are nice and friendly, and somehow they make me reluctant to leave. I’m able to make good use of the free time to read up and do my writing. I’ve met contractors who kindly chat with me and show me great concern when I didn’t take my lunch. I could have leant a lot from them if I didn’t hesitate to ask.

What I hate most is the guard mounting each week, that I’ve to stay back, and also te parade each month I’ve to take taxi with double charge. What I fear is the office duty which seems so difficult and troublesome to take up. I guess I can handle them, at least hen I compare myself to the others, I’m much more fortunate.

Is this the simple army life which I always pin for other than to get attached out?

I shan’t be indecisive again. I want to leave this enjoyable place and all the kind souls. No matter how much tougher my new vocation would be, I work accordingly to my plan. I must prove those who doubt my words and treat me as a joker. I must leave.

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