Often, we can’t differentiate between admiration and love. But the need to possess stretches from day to night, and sometimes in dreams. The setbacks and fears aid the indecisive; it pays a lot to be a low confident man.

She’s one in a million, not the best but enough to seize souls. She’s superior to most girls in looks and figure; nonetheless she has the purest heart. Her smile and voice bring out the greatest enjoyment of life, so enchanting that it worth one month of lifespan to witness them each time.

Life’s never fair. The amount of efforts you put in might not get you anywhere and your thoughts might be effortless. She’s too far away. It takes so much courage to date her but it seems so easy for her to reject, which she doesn’t even need to consider. She shows no interest in going out but somehow able to entertain other friends.

Give it up, because every rejection adds to your shame, and every embarrassment causes a friend. Give up, because she needs someone better.

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