Slackers Institute

The management was inefficient. I was supposed to be posted into Infosys but the course was cancelled and I was transferred to Infocomm 1 at the end of the day.

I tried to be lively, day by day I trained myself to be a happy man, but bad things don’t exile. I was trapped in a corner, separated from people whom I thought were nice. Inconsiderate people started to abuse others and I began to feel down. And when everyone discussed about what food and entertainment equipments to bring for future, I foresee life would never be as simple. I diverted myself into my own writing instead of bullshitting and each time they insisted I was studying without any textbook. The fact was that nobody had brought any food to share as I had predicted, but I gladly shared mine with them.

Life became more misery in the second week. The computer lab lessons were boring, especially with the low resource computers and server. The commander gave me extra duty for dozing off in his lesson and I was mainly closing my eyes for a few seconds. I realised the commander was only putting false threats to push us, for he knew how precious weekends were.

Tests weren’t meant to fail anyone. However, been in the exercises were dreadful periods as the commander gave punishments for every little issue. I was touched when the sergeant tried so hard to cover us and was lectured by the commander. I met more instructors who showed flexibility and kindness, and together with some friendly and caring platoon mates, my soul was lifted.

Due to the intensity of the lessons, I cancelled two of my medical appointments for the lump on my left calf and gastric problem. The injuries on my legs worsened and sometimes I couldn’t even walk normally. Marching was difficult as well, and I tended to shift sideways every now and then. The only medical appointment left, given by the Tekong medical officer was only for my little numbness on left foot, and the nerve system specialist couldn’t do anything to cure my pains. That day was my first visit to the medical officer in Stagmont and I saw his lack of interest in attending to his patients.

My love for the course increased. Too many nice people around made me feel unbearable for the upcoming departure. Even for the three guard duties, the sergeants took good care of me. I was gratified to the sergeants who were so concerned about me when I was doing the last guard duty with my medical certificate.

The week when I was very sick, I struggled through my tests and everyone did their part to help me even to clear my utensils. There were many jokes around and people who did things foolishly to create laughers. Things like locking the key inside the locker amazed me and I made fun of him for consuming a packet of combat ration which might be attacked by rat before. Even the commando rats performed wall climbing to amaze me.

Everyday is a memorable day.

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