Back to the past

I tried very hard but I still failed to conquer time. It took great effort for a tired man to get on to his work, especially with designing.

I wanted to use more graphics and the thought of the tedious work seemed to exhaust my mind instantly. Somehow, my new ideas didn’t match my theme, which hesitated me a lot during the process. Then I realised I had vague impression of the coding.

My only distraction was the television set for my chat programs were deadly quiet. It was true that my friends had drawn away from me, since I wasn’t the type who would initiate chats as I was always busy.

I stormed through the night to drag on my new site design slowly, until around 4am. Although I woke up soon after daylight and was tired, I was happy to taste the same kind of lifestyle that was before my enlistment. One night was good enough.

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