Tough battle

Isn’t life full of guilt even though you’ve tried everything hard?

I can do my leashing on the load faster and better than most people but I still fail the test. It was due to carelessness that I didn’t check the rope went out of alignment. Speed is useless, for my current timing improves from six minutes plus to five minutes plus. I’ve let Mr. Ong down, and really feel ashamed to look at him each time. It isn’t about the money he’ll get for the first time pass of his students, but the pride he deserves. My confidence fails me once again.

My freedom is near if I manage to pass the upcoming driving test and if I don’t pass it in the first try, I’ll be letting Mr. Low down. Stress is when people treat you too nice and you’re afraid to fail them.

I don’t want to stay there for another two weeks because time is too precious for me to waste. I must complete the course by scheduled time – 4th April, 2005.

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