I want to leave

I really hate the idea of working eleven hours per day, excluding the more than two hours of travelling time. There’s too much things on my mind to output and I need to get them out before they vanish.

It exhausts me tremendously by draining my rest time. Sleepy head can’t think and it’s hard to maintain opened lids. I keep nodding when I sit comfortably, too tired to read or write to improve myself.

Nobody really knows the operation of the AVA team, ad before I forget due to my short term memory; I shall list out the events of today.

Out of nine persons, one wet on course and one was purely in charge of the lecture rooms in the accommodation block. I was told to reach early for office duty and transportation fee was on me since I couldn’t catch the free shuttle bus at a later time. I had to travel alone too without Terry’s companion.

There were troublesome stuffs to pick up and Jonathon called me to open the STC block. I sensed some kind of flames starting off when CPL Lim volunteered to take over my office job and my partner Yong Cai disagreed. All along he thought Jonathon was slacking but AVA was indeed short of manpower.

I wasn’t supposed to do duty today. They scheduled my duty on a day which I was still on course and simply swapped the day with another guy’s.

I went to STC as requested and Jimmy arrived shortly before I could catch my breath, and I returned back to the office. I continued with doing the head count and then did another check at the 2SIG parade square for people attending HLS.

Jianxing passed me the STC’s key and I rushed back to take care of the room alone. Keys for the classrooms and equipments like laptops ad projectors were loaned out. Life was quite relax for that our except that I was alone and that I didn’t dare to leave the room unattended.

Jonathon called for my help. I was supposed to have early lunch but I ended up gobbling the food to rush for the office duty.

After the brain-bursting job, I went back to STC to set up and test the radio sets. Few craps I could give but the final was gloomy face. I realised the team needed well-trained signaller and driver to accomplish the tasks.

I was called up to the room to settle the loaning of keys and equipments, through Bryan’s phone, twice. I finally realised my phone’s battery was flat. To think that I didn’t have the free incoming call service, bill would burst.

This was when the warden officer was waiting for the missing room key to loan, I dashed around and realised Andrew was checking out the room.

In sweats, I daydreamed for a good rest on one of the chairs. I hadn’t heated the seat up before the warden sent for staff, and of course I was the only available one, I supposed, when Andrew was in his holiday mood just before ORD.

Climbing down the stairs again, the warden questioned for missing equipments. I made countless trips up and down, to get helps and bring down other stuffs. The warden seemed too good to be nice but I foolishly believed his acts to give us advices.

Soon, I went back office for the last parade. I saw the new captain who tried to get things organised in his own. I sensed troubles to adapt to the new environment.

Captain James started questioning about the lost equipments. It was a long talk and everyone seemed lost. The other teams were held back too, but were released in time for the last shuttle bus.

LTA Max joined in, announcing the email he received from the warden. It was then I saw his hypocritical. I finally knew what office politic was. He caught us off guard by hinting us to settle it but he informed all the officers before we could find out what was wrong.

After the long lecturing, I was left alone inside the office. It was around 7pm when Mr Cheng was back and I could finally leave, but Jonathon called me on time to take over his duty at STC to wait for the return of key at 8.30pm. Luckily the class ended early and we left together.

I’ve put in my best effort to learn, but certainly not worth to perform here. If you asked me if I want to stay, I’d say I’m hesitating to leave; if you ask me now, I swear I want to leave at once.

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