I hadn’t played a game so well for long. This time, my team consisted of three outsiders, too weird to be true that I had performed when I was nervous. It was probably due to the extra concentration I had put in, especially the skill and spirit of my teammates.

After all these years, I wasn’t a professional yet. It was during the game that I realised I hadn’t been taking off correctly in my spiking ever since I was enlisted. I turned the three-steps taking off into two, starting with my right leg. There were also periods of time I forgot to open up my palms, use my wrist force or swing my arms. I wasn’t a good player.

I don’t know what have gotten into me for the past year, I seem to lose myself out of a sudden and fumble up my task. Perhaps, stress is the main cause.

I must get out of this because reality leaves no room for useless man.

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