I see I know I realise

I always give no thought of how long I would take to accomplish a task alone. Partly, I’m influenced by the old saying “if you’re determined you can work anything out”. So, I always do things blindly, putting in my full effort, but I don’t know my limit.

Maybe this is the reason some friends like about me as they take my stupidity as pureness. No doubt, this is also how I maintain my fitness, whereas others need to go gym to work out.

Perhaps, the mIRC scripting and web designing are obvious unplanned duration of my work; my back injury is the ignorant of my limit.

I witness the speed of forty over men moving equipments from a room. The task would take me more than a day, or I might not even finish it before my spine breaks. begin to revise in my belief.

I see how insignificant my strength can be, and how much job can be done with my brain. I know I’m not in total wrong, because one should give in all his best; but things could be better done with some aids from others. One can only relies on himself, but not working alone all the time.

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