Inspiring meeting

The meeting with Anthony on Monday evening added remorse to me. My repeated unexpected delay in the camp caused the movie catch to cancel off even though I sweat my uniform smelly on the first day of the week. We had dinner instead and I was guilty all along the way.

We began discussion about my life. Though most of the advices he gave me had been through my life since long ago, but I hadn’t put them into use, and suddenly they seemed more understandable. Anthony was more than a friend to me, a man of around 10 years older, so inspiring and respectable. I knew him through my brother’s appraisals.

Over the years, I began to have doubts in my judgements and beliefs. It was part of growing up. Failures and setbacks had distorted my life. I seemed to have vague impression of my character 5 years ago after Anthony mentioned; I was then a happier person with smiles on my face. He asked me why I didn’t want to get a girlfriend; alone wasn’t a choice but the judgements of girls.

I began to attain faith in myself. I shall not concede to majority when I’m right; I shall not concede to senseless mockery; I shall not concede to myself.

It was a night brain refreshed, though more perseverance would be expected.

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