Missing, longing

Nothing lasts forever, especially happy moments. It seems so difficult to get back to the past, so hard to get even a slip of the feeling.

I’ve tried my best, but excitements always turn sour. One mind alone proves no worth at all. None of the rest shows appreciation of the olden days’ outings.

People change as they grow. You might not recognise a person in term of looks a few years later, and the horror is when you see his indifferent attitude.

Human beings get to know one another better over years, but why do I lose tracks of my friends’ sight instead?

Some drift away after they’ve found their love, while some walk away because they think negatively. My capability and efforts to gather them lie in vain, too tiny to accomplish my dream.

Why do kind souls start to show inconsideration? Is it that I’ve misjudged in the past, or all the misfortunate has broken their hearts?

I see little hope for a big gathering again because I’m fighting alone, powerless and exhausted. Nevertheless, one day when loneliness invades, someone or some people will get everything done.

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