Take a break

Been waiting for some posts for my ROC trip? I’m curious why they aren’t up yet. Yes I do know why – because I haven’t finished my writing.

Well, you can’t expect much from a person who had to go back to work just the next day right after he returned from his three weeks of overseas trip. Whereas for others, they have been clearing their offs to rest at home.

There’s nothing to be happy about, thus no motivation given. Life has been bad because foxtrot uniform charlie kilo echo romeo sierra are all around; you know you can’t stand the sight of them, so do I. They’re just bullies and hypocrites. They make me feel like going back to Taiwan.

My back’s breaking and the screwed up x-ray report requires two weeks’ time to be ready. Whereas the interesting MO gave three days light duty status on a Friday. Moving equipments worsened my condition.

I’m not defeated yet. I’ll show black face to anyone who tries to take me for granted. I’ll be damn nice to whoever can help me massage.

Our date

I dropped by and tried to amaze you, and you received me with cheerfulness. Was there an end to the conversation if time could freeze?

I called to idolize your voice but each time I was never being heard. Day by day, I began to pause and wonder how this craving could bring me to – happiness or loneliness. But I’d never depress again in case you learn to cherish me one day.

Is it you or me who’s being weird? Is it time or myself who has failed me? Is it today or tomorrow we shall meet and see your promise kept?

I know why

From then on, I realised what are the reasons I hate to stay – not the amount of work. Human beings are always the factor to living. With hypocritical and screwed up management, with selfish and shy people, the place is hell.

I remember doing all types of shit at Taiwan and there’s always a group of unselfish people working with me, excluding one big fat ass. There isn’t unwillingness to work because each of them pushes my drive along.

Now that the big difference is the people who push their luck far and try to take my easy-goingness for granted, I used to volunteer myself to help them without complaint, but not anymore. I want so much to leave the team, the team that brings misery to my life, which steals my smiles away.

I'm back

I’m back from Taiwan finally. It was a great experience though there were many things I felt should be done correctly but screwed up, which upset me.

My gang of 11 people went to the airport to fetch me – Mingfa, Meijun, Wilson, Pauline, Mingli, Xinyi, Guoxin, Weitat, Kok Chiang, Ah Teck and Meijun’s teammate. I didn’t expect to see so many people and I was really happy that I forgot my tiredness, however, felt remorseful for keeping them waiting. Beach outing was cancelled, or should say not organized.

After breakfast at the MacDonald’s, which Wilson took his nap by lying down on the seat, they decided to take cabs home instead of MRT which had already begun service. Anyway, I didn’t sleep and instead, cleared my emails and then edited the photos. Many of the stuffs I brought back were taken by my brothers.

I went out at around 4pm and got home so late to continue with my work. The fact that I haven’t been updating my diary since last week of the trip means that it might take up to a week to write and type them out…