I'm back

I’m back from Taiwan finally. It was a great experience though there were many things I felt should be done correctly but screwed up, which upset me.

My gang of 11 people went to the airport to fetch me – Mingfa, Meijun, Wilson, Pauline, Mingli, Xinyi, Guoxin, Weitat, Kok Chiang, Ah Teck and Meijun’s teammate. I didn’t expect to see so many people and I was really happy that I forgot my tiredness, however, felt remorseful for keeping them waiting. Beach outing was cancelled, or should say not organized.

After breakfast at the MacDonald’s, which Wilson took his nap by lying down on the seat, they decided to take cabs home instead of MRT which had already begun service. Anyway, I didn’t sleep and instead, cleared my emails and then edited the photos. Many of the stuffs I brought back were taken by my brothers.

I went out at around 4pm and got home so late to continue with my work. The fact that I haven’t been updating my diary since last week of the trip means that it might take up to a week to write and type them out…

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