One step back

I’m always looking back at the past, missing all the good old days. I used to be more fortunate.

Perhaps, man’s greed is the cause of troubles. I used to be so contented with my romance of the three kingdoms 3 game. I spent all my time on it, day and night, sometimes without sleep. Now that I’m towards programming, designing, writing and more, I’m too lost to start off.

I used to go out with big group of friends, especially to the beach. No matter how busy and tired each of us was, we sacrificed for everyone’s smiles. Things can never be the same again. Even my first camera cum webcam isn’t working anymore. I give up.

This few days, I stayed home to play my game alone, seeking for some fragrance of the past. I’m using computer instead of the SEGA set. That first and ever bought disk isn’t with me anymore. Even the style I play has changed, no longer as careful as before; I’m not myself anymore.

Picture: Playing catching with the defending concentrated army of Liu Bei (blue). It dragged on until the next month when he fought alone. I pressed “tab” accidentally and the game restarted.

Eyes on you

Do you realise how hard it takes to maintain eyes contact with a stranger of the different gender? It’s a method to test if she’s interested in you; somehow might seem rude to some people. You give her a good glance and when she notices you, smile at her. I can never do that.

How many guys can achieve that and out of them, how many are flirts? It takes so much courage to take the risk of being called a pervert or even being rejected nastily. After all, it’s the first step to make friends with your eye-candies.

The confidence it takes to succeed has to overcome one’s own pride; it will eventually boost the girl’s ego and you don’t know if she’s a bitch. But if you don’t try, how would you know?

Suggestion Forms

Key/Equipmment Movement Scanning System

There are many equipments and rooms in BLK 202. Everytime any equipment or key is drawn or returne, documents are to be updated, which takes time. During peak hours, situation worsens and lessons are being delayed due to long queue. Documents may not be updated properly as well.

A scanning system can be implemented such that all details of instructors and trainees are stored, and using of 11B to scan for each transaction for both staff and client. The system is to be connected to the intranet, such that TRMS office is able to view the rooms and equipments status any momentand able to make changes on demand.

Pulley System in BLK 202

Since BLK 202 is the training block, equipments are often moved around. This would cause injuries to the back and knees of the soldiers or contractors.

A pulley system can be installed on the top of the building so that equipments can be raised or lowered down to and fro each level. This would reduce the number of manpower and injuries.

One day when I can't walk

I just wish to do what I want to, but so little I can do now.

I want to walk alone in the silent night of the peaceful street, let the sound of vehicles brush through my ears; I want to jump crazily about as high as I can, far over the volleyball net; I want to dash towards the sun, so fast that I see hopes; I want to help everyone with their loads, so that they can give me a smile.

Now that I can’t do what I want for they’re so simple yet so tough. I’m still living with my injured knees, one day I may not walk on.

Addicted to physiotherapy

She led me to a cubical as I watched her long golden silky hair at the back. I sat down while she drew the curtain to preserve some privacy. I realised I was a lucky guy.

She was not only neat and clean, but also angelic looking; she had unique charisma, so calm and cool yet she was friendly and soft spoken. There wasn’t any part of her body features that was outstanding from others; however, her overall image was more than seductive. My wish came true.

I regretted being shabbily dressed. Answering her questions made me look dumb too, for I hadn’t noticed about the problems though I had aches all these while. She was so gentle checking for pains, examining my knees while I tried to concentrate to feel for any pain that might occur. Though it was difficult, I tried not to look at her in order to show her respect, especially when she was bending down.

I was disappointed to know that I couldn’t go back weekly for gym training. She was more appealing than the half day off I would get but I tried to use this as an excuse to go back, which failed. Shark. I could have talked more, into her personal life, her job and others, probably that would pull us closer.

My head seemed to swing left and right upon recapping of her pleasant looks. I wondered how many more people would be injured over the years – I just wished to break my legs in order to see her more often.






Welcome to the gym

If you were a right-hander, your muscle group on your right would be bigger. Your spine requires both sides of muscle to keep it in place and since one side is larger, there will be some rubbing, thus creates friction. As time goes by, there will be some wear and tear.

The way you stand or walk might be wrong and that you might be only using the muscle on your back waist. Therefore, when your back muscle is injured, your waist cannot support your upper body, causing pains. The correct posture will require both the back and abs muscle to maintain your body weight.

In order to rectify the two problems, train up your left body muscle to keep it balance and also train up your abs muscle so that your back muscle can rest to recuperate.

Remember that the muscle by the side of your spine is used only for supporting the spine, do not over exert it by bending forward to carry heavy loads or by other means.

Blow wind blows

It was so bored at the table number 178. I was taking the old lor mee which didn’t taste nice. Although there wasn’t any air conditioner, the place was cooling with fans. The girl walked past in yellow skirt so short, which was lifted up like saucer. I stared in blank, too amazed to believe my sight. The light, short and wide skirt was a good showcase for guys. Nah, she isn’t pretty. I still can’t believe it.

Our dreams

It starts with all the sleepy days; nights spent are longer than usual. You smile like an angel but sexier. Sometimes I think a little more about you. I’ve never seen eyes as beautiful as yours; they twinkle through the darkness and light up my life. I’m yours, I’m all about you and I’m striving all because of you.

The pace of life you create is a vacuum world. I seem to walk like an astronomer, I’m moving towards you. If distance is a barrier, we might not reach each other forever; and if time is a restriction, we might turn zombies one day.

I’m enjoying every part of you. I’m listening to your voice in your heart through everything you’ve done for me. I’m having fetish for your complexion from head to toe. I’m fighting the urge to want to hug and feel you, because you’re so irresistible.