7 days light duty

I saw firework and then I saw lightning, yesterday was an amazing day. The fuse burst and the mixer refused to sing. The tremble filled the morning. I didn’t know who were there, maybe just the Chief of Signal, who had 3 crabs on his shoulder, with hundreds of people. The untested mixer that was brought back from ROC was put into good use, but unfortunately carried by me.

I went back to the MO with my worsened back and he received me politely again. He did some experiments and surveyed me. Finally, I saw light. Over the past 5 or 6 years, no doctor had made enough efforts to solve my back problem. Now that I had an appointment for physio therapy, my pains for the years might be solved, at least get better. Apart from this, I was given 7 days light duty, which excused me from my range. I had wronged him all this while and the arrogant impression of him had vanished.

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