One step back

I’m always looking back at the past, missing all the good old days. I used to be more fortunate.

Perhaps, man’s greed is the cause of troubles. I used to be so contented with my romance of the three kingdoms 3 game. I spent all my time on it, day and night, sometimes without sleep. Now that I’m towards programming, designing, writing and more, I’m too lost to start off.

I used to go out with big group of friends, especially to the beach. No matter how busy and tired each of us was, we sacrificed for everyone’s smiles. Things can never be the same again. Even my first camera cum webcam isn’t working anymore. I give up.

This few days, I stayed home to play my game alone, seeking for some fragrance of the past. I’m using computer instead of the SEGA set. That first and ever bought disk isn’t with me anymore. Even the style I play has changed, no longer as careful as before; I’m not myself anymore.

Picture: Playing catching with the defending concentrated army of Liu Bei (blue). It dragged on until the next month when he fought alone. I pressed “tab” accidentally and the game restarted.

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