Our dreams

It starts with all the sleepy days; nights spent are longer than usual. You smile like an angel but sexier. Sometimes I think a little more about you. I’ve never seen eyes as beautiful as yours; they twinkle through the darkness and light up my life. I’m yours, I’m all about you and I’m striving all because of you.

The pace of life you create is a vacuum world. I seem to walk like an astronomer, I’m moving towards you. If distance is a barrier, we might not reach each other forever; and if time is a restriction, we might turn zombies one day.

I’m enjoying every part of you. I’m listening to your voice in your heart through everything you’ve done for me. I’m having fetish for your complexion from head to toe. I’m fighting the urge to want to hug and feel you, because you’re so irresistible.

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