See through body

I can’t believe it. After suffering for more than 5 years, being through so many doctors, none has done anything for me. Chinese physicians gave prescribed pills as tonic, others gave panadols or “deep heat” kind of cream. The doctor from Singapore General Hospital even suggested me not to go for x-ray since not all problems could be detected.

It’s time to fight for my rights, make good use of the army’s welfare. I enjoy using the 11B to get free medical consultation and medicine. It’s really cool that you need not pay for anything, not even at the hospital! I’ve to cure all my problems before I leave the army, not to worry about what others think – chao keng.

As I insisted, the outram polyclinic doctor sent me for x-ray and the result was today.

“Lumbar Spine – Mild spondyloti change is seen in the lumbar spine. Small marginal osteophytes are noted. Bony alignment and disc spaces are maintained. No spondylolisthesis or vertebral compression fractures seen.”

I refuse to take panadol to stop the aching and pain as I know the problem is still there after all; covering it up will only encourage me to go beyond my current body’s limit. I endure all these while regardless of suffer from occasionally lost of sleep and appetite.

To think that the mild has stayed inside my body for years, I wonder if I should be pissed with all the doctors who show no professionalism; on the other hand, I’m glad that the x-ray has proven my dignity that I don’t lie in order to escape any work or duty.

I’ll be visiting the medical officer Kenneth again to submit the x-ray report, and probably report about my legs’ injuries. I’m all out to cure my problems to play better volleyball games.

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