You know, don't you?

You sit alone but you cannot doze off. For hours, you almost fall off so many times and finally you know you can leave. Your colleague are having a meeting and you join in. Suddenly, your client knocks on the door and you go with him to take over two rooms. Before you can step into the second room, you are told to re-setup your stoning ground because the big shots have finally arrived. You know you have a duty to do at the main office and nothing should delay you but you know you are grounded. You do not want to leave everything to your partner because you have promised him you will stay. You do not want to break your promise, you do not want to skip your duty, you do not want to be mistaken by the rest but you are simply helpless. Your colleague leave for the main office and nobody takes over you though you should be the man for the parade. You know your life is screwed because you do things you do not like and you cannot do things that you think you ought to do. You know you are not happy and you know you just want to leave.

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