I don’t know why it must be me again. Everyone can find their own excuses to escape all the shit.

I’m having such a bad sore throat, flu and cough. The gastric pain comes on and off, though they’re minor ones, I don’t want to risk my health because of ***. I’m not going to be a fool like Staff Rueben Ow. I’m not even getting a quarter of his pay. Most importantly, none of the officers or colleague would appreciate.

I climbed the stairs like a charity performance, trying to gain sympathy to raise funds. I brought 5 projectors up, all by myself in my empty stomach. My knees ached, with the invalidity of the one month excuse RMJ and heavy load status. The welfare was just bullshit.

I did tell them of my illness and injuries, and they knew I had guard duty for the next day. I had told them I couldn’t stay because I couldn’t even go home or even catch a wink the next night. They turned a deaf ear.

So what my guard mounting duty would be covered up tomorrow and I needed not do it for Chen De the next week? The guard mounting wouldn’t be conducted with injured soldiers and most probably, it’s going to rain again. So what I could report 2 hours later to the officer the next day? I still have the guard meeting. It just doesn’t worth it, at least to me, that I want to go home on time without the dirty privileges.

It’s useless to speak up. I just play by my luck. If one day I ever break down, someone please voice out and testify against the ***. Bring whoever so selfish and inconsiderate to enlightenment, put them to shame and let them suffer like me, maybe just half would do.

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