He walked off

I stepped down and was ready to leave. Suddenly they came back and calmed down my anxiety. But somehow they weren’t leaving and I didn’t know what was going on at all with the pissed face. There was one guy missing and his name was heard. I was dead beat but I knew I couldn’t leave all the mess behind though I might not be needed.

He came back and I didn’t know for what reason. None wanted to tell me the situation and problem faced because there was no point creating another unrest mind. But soon he left and I still didn’t know why, because he was part of the team. I could play bastard and leave, because I stayed further and I had no car. Somewhat I just watched him from the second storey, opening the door and soon drove off. Nobody stopped him and I knew none could stop his soul from leaving.

I can’t understand the selfishness of mankind and I’m so disturbed by it. It just haunts me day and day and refuses to leave. Is this what most mankind would be, to keep his ass tight simply just by ignoring? Are human so hypocrite to just do things in front of the higher authority?

I really wanted to leave.

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