How stylish and charming

As she sat on the floor, my attention was diverted over. She wasn’t extremely pretty but cool, somehow attracted the eyes.

She was in uniform and her friends pulled her up. She seemed wild and playful, reminding me the period of time I used to write pieces of dedicated love letters foolishly. No matter how rough she was, I could only see sweetness and pureness. She didn’t hide her flaws, more than happy to express her most inner self no matter how others would see her. Unlike any other girl, would have probably be playing gorgeous.

I wouldn’t allow history to repeat though it has already happened from time to time. I wouldn’t want another letter again for no one worth it. All the innocence is more than deceptiveness. Somehow my concept has changed over the years; more mature yet not as considerate. Faith is lost and there’s nothing such as true love.

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