Palawan turned Sijori

It’s been a trend for my friends to turn up late for outing. Some even changed their minds at the very last minute. It had been a long wait and I got to chat with Tze Khit for more than an hour. An hour later, some hadn’t even left their houses.

I hadn’t being lucky for all the previous outings, this time it rained as well. Tze Khit suggested going to Images of Singapore and we took the bus together with Anqi. It was a good idea, for I had always wanted to tour around Sentosa instead of just going to the beach all the time. If not for the rain and my bulky bag with the volleyball inside, I’d have enjoyed myself more.

As the rain stopped, we got back to the original idea, which was playing golf at the Sijori WonderGolf. Although it was still drizzling, the weather was hot. I had fun taking photos of Tze Khit and Anqi. If only they could keep still and let me find the best angles.

The game was very exciting at first until the sun shagged us out. Weitat, Siew Chin and Kailin finally arrived but they spent more time searching for the ball instead of playing. I’d warned them I was a national player but they didn’t believe.

We forgot to bring phones along while we were on the courses and we actually made Guoxin waited more than an hour at the beach after his dentist appointment. I was shocked to see 16 missed calls, 12 from Guoxin. Then we rushed down to Sunsetbay.

So, once again, we didn’t go to other beaches. At least we got to play in standard court. I never wanted to have a hardcore volleyball game that day but morale was too high. Teaming up with Weitat was always good for he was the only one who would dash to save the ball stupidly like me and you know your efforts wouldn’t be wasted.

I wasn’t in a good condition since I woke up. I had a tiring time at the gym at MMI on Thursday for the physiotherapy session, then I met Kok Chiang on my way home and I joined him at Clementi ITE for volleyball. On Friday, I went for SGH for physiotherapy again and I did extra exercise for my pretty therapist at the gym.

I didn’t know should I be happy or sad when one of the opponents praised me that I jumped very high – I used to jump higher. Kailin, Siew Chin, Anqi, Weitat and I won the first match with the 4 guys and 1 girl team to take over the court. Then, Tze Khit and Guoxin joined in to thrash another team of all guys before we could start to play among ourselves.

The hardcore volleyball started. I never knew I could get the feeling back again. I really wished I could jump like in the past and hang long in the air. My damn ankles failed me. At least I managed to spike some balls down.

It was a nice day although the team of more than 30 people were down until 7 of us. The next outing would be a bigger one.

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