Passion, time and money

Everyone should go for what he really wants and let the passion build his success. But sometimes dreams are too far to attain, and before you realise, you’ve neglected other things. Perhaps, you’ll need a huge financial support to survive through. With this, all in their lives some people search for their dreams and live for them.

I’ve no capital.

Dreams are drives, which I’ve many, too many to fulfil, and they just fill my mind like hot steam in an enclosed boiling kettle, ready to explode any time. My love into arts like writing, drawing, designing, music and others have stalled my mind and often, I don’t know which to start off or continue.

For these days, I’ve a thirst for music. Just like how I write down my poetry, I want to note down the pieces of rhythm in my mind. I need to get a guitar to practise on, to record down my inspiration. I want to play the songs that Irwin composes, share the best music around my friends.

Do I have the time to?

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