The moment she stared

It was the last train but the seats were almost completely filled. I expected no one to take the same path home with me since there weren’t many residents at my place and offices were already closed.

She was in red, as sweet as the morning flowers, stepped out of the train door. I was behind her, up the escalator, as the night got more tensed. She was fast on her pace but I overtook her soon after exiting the control station. I didn’t accelerate to the maximum and I prayed hard she would follow. The night seemed to be mine and she kept in steps closely behind. Even after crossing the road, she was there. I couldn’t help feeling lucky when she turned into the same alley after me. But she cut through the middle, which caught me unaware and I knew she was going to take the lead soon. Just when the paths were going to merge at the other corner, I looked back to pretend looking at something.

This avoidance could mean so much to me, as I turned in front and realised she was actually looking at me, then I regretted. I could have admired her beauty at a closer distance. The timidity I had had slaughtered me from my happiness, both my enjoyment and chance. There was soon unbearable rage of frustration and furious lay in myself. I was hated for not having the courage to even glance at her, so much for the pride and possible image of a pervert.

I followed the shadow of the innocent angel tight, looking at her back was all I could feel blessed. The short journey towards carpark was a stretch of refreshing elixir water spraying on me. Somehow, she brightened up the dim place. As we were near her lift after the zebra crossing, she gave me an ultimate shock once again when I was about to clear my mind. Her sudden turn back to look at me told me I should do something, but instead I felt a sudden weakness in my legs. I didn’t stop or take a longer glance at her.

I had to feel remorseful to myself; if the destiny were to fall on any other guy, he could have grabbed it tight. I walked off from my chances, kind of being rebellious against all great hopes. All I could do was to rush home and see through the windows because the least I could was to get her unit number.

The night just seemed like a dream with no ending story.

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