The place call HELL

I’m totally disappointed. I’m being stabbed all over my back, my soul and my most inner purity. The person who I thought I could trust most doesn’t believe my words. The deepest respect I’ve always shown her mocks at my stupidity. My injustice lays unrest. I know I should never trust officers in ***.

I don’t wish to drag anyone in, even though they’re really screwed up. I just wish to leave the world of backstabbing. Often, I’m impressed when the bullies stand together to victimise me after they backstab each other. This hypocritical is far too disgusting for me to visual.

It’s so unreasonable to take my medical appointments into account that I’ve less 2 half days to work per week and that I should work extra to cover up; my injuries are almost insignificant until I start working at AVA, where I carry stuffs while others are sleeping or gaming inside the old office.

I’ve witnessed so much ugly facts, too much for me to remember. My biggest mistake is that I tell myself not to remember them and I don’t keep daily diary anymore like in the past due to lack of time and fuck up life in the army. Isn’t it impossible for me to recall every date for all the bad incidents over the past 6 months?

They just don’t like each other. Chen De has been planning for his I/C role since I first know him. The frequency of him sleeps inside the office keeps the morale of the team down. Jonathan doesn’t know Chen De has badmouthed him so often, though to some statements I’ve to nod, it’s so amusing that Jonathan doesn’t believe in the rumours. Both of them know Lionel has been wayanging (pretending hardworking) so much in front of Shep hence she adores him, yet he slacks during the tasks given and ignores all the shit inside the office.

I can’t provide evident to anything and I’m not going to penalise anyone because each of them in the surface smile so much to me. There’re many witnesses though, who wouldn’t want to be involved. I can’t be bothered with them as long as they don’t stab me. Every time, I can only laugh at how they ruin their own images.

The place is called hell and I’ve almost 13 more months to suffer.

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