The stock market

As I forecasted, it was another tiring week for me.

Having not enough sleep for the first night, things seemed to get better suddenly when work were allocated and shared.

Unexpectedly, the guard mounting was carried out with 3 excused personnel. The rain came too early in the morning to cancel it. I stood like a fool behind, too unfamiliar with the rifle. If you had looked into the parade square, you’d most probably be laughing till you roll on the floor.

I could have rested enough as a sentry but one of the prowlers sprained his ankle. I ended up rotating only with the sentry at the gate, without the counter job. Two hours of standing each time seemed more than two days of torture. My feet hurt just like when I first got all my legs’ problems. Though the SBO and rifle used to be light to me, but no longer could I endure my injuries. How disgusting was the army to torture injured and sick soldiers.

To kill time, I chatted a lot with Hong Kiat, who I found out was actually in the same company as me during BMT and that he was Fengjie’s good friend. I also witnessed how serious Wah Chuan could be when he was at work, as the guard commander – I used to think he was quite childish. It was a relax night with friends around and some entertainments from the officers. They were encouraged to drink more with all the cheap alcoholic drinks, which I found it weird.

The RPs were late on purpose I supposed as their officer was on MC. I was the last man behind due to them taking their own sweet time to change the shift. I went to send the arm back and then found an empty bunk with Kwang Han, where we had our guard rest. After taking a bath, I dozed off like a corpse. If it wasn’t for Kwang Han, I’d have missed my lunch.

I was back to the office in the afternoon, where everyone (almost) somehow was motivated to work. We took a break and some went out of the room. It was most probably yet another (as usual) boring day I supposed and 007 decided to step into the office. He indirectly accused me of sleeping because I looked shag. I was too restless to entertain him with my skin-peeling face, dried lips, cough, flu, ears block and stomache.

He gave lots of feedbacks; some actually was reasonable, but ugly in his cocky face and tone. He told Chen De to talk to Shep about the INet but he complained immediately to her once he left. To me, it was alright to remove the INet access since some people had been hooking on to the computer instead of doing work, but of course it would be unfair for night duty personnel.

Life would be tougher in future. It went up and down like the stock market, but more of a downwards trend currently. I hated to be lectured when things went beyond control.

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