Towards mirth

Isn’t it cool like when you SMSed someone and she didn’t reply and then you SMSed another friend who was actually just besides her? I can’t forget this joke, till now.

How embarrassed can I get? A sudden feeling comes to me that I won’t blush anymore.

As people grow up, they tend to forgo things, like how I ignore some of my hobbies and likings. Glad that I’m not losing only the great things, but the bad things as well. Rumours, backstabs, drifts from friends, I’m too used to them to get sad anymore. Seems like I’m numbed and my mind is too empty to think.

Nevertheless, the numbness is doing me good. Days ago the alcohol robbed me off my misery again. I promised myself not to drink but the beverage was doped. The games boiled my face hot and reddish. The emptiness in my mind brought me peace for that night.

Adult, I don’t want to grow old, for I can’t keep on avoiding problems. May one day I’ll reach the mirth I’m looking forward to; rain or fall the sun will shine through.

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