Ugly ***

I really can’t stand this ugly military life. It shags me out totally in both physical and mental, that I’ve been dozing off before midnight these two days.

The medical officer warned me so many times not to carry any heavy load when I brought the x-ray films to him two days ago. I was given another month of excuse heavy load and RMJ (running, marching, jogging) status. He wanted me to report to him immediately if any asshole defied that.

He felt ridiculous when I told him about PES E people carrying heavy stuffs, being forced somehow. The status system was created by the welfare of dear ***-whoever-high-ranking-personnel or maybe government whoever big shot – I don’t care. But the status is just for show, to tell parents “your unfit for duties children are well taken care of and not made to do things beyond their limits” – bullshit. I hate hypocrites.

Despites that, I had to push the fully loaded metallic cupboard upon returning to the office. Could I refuse to it? Who’s going to do the job then and would the selfish and shallow minded people understand? They’d just wait till I can’t walk anymore and give some consolation to pretend they’re concern.

I felt betrayed totally yesterday after shifting another two cupboards from the damn far distance with Chen De and Bryan. When we reached the office, the boss 007 was there and all he could say was “you all better clean up the cupboards..”

If someone else with SOME conscience and EQ were there, he would have praised the injured men for their commitment and asked if they had any pain, instead of being and sounded so mean. We didn’t owe him anything and we’re humans, trying to serve the national for the two pathetic years.

You could hear how tone changes fast, because it’s raining outside and he came back to ask for umbrella. We offered him cardboards but he rejected. Oh man, soldiers are not afraid of rain. Oh dear Captain James, put down your rank and be friends. You don’t want to hear people curse you on the street once they finish their two years.

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