A better day

It seems so difficult to judge humans, especially someone who’s so temperate. One moment you’re being lectured, as if whatever you do are all wrong, another moment you’re offered a big handful of helps. How would you treat someone like that?

It had been one of the better days so far. While some people are escaping responsibilities and other were so busy, I was the most senior person left. It was good to work with a newer group of people whose minds weren’t corrupted yet. Everyone collaborated and nobody went for a secret strike, thus motivation was high. I was then willing to give in my best.

Initially, I tried to do everything by myself. I never wanted to follow the trend to push everything to newbie. Yuqing and Tingfeng had helped so much that the office was running smooth even when I was out on tasks. I hated the phone so much and luckily others had taken initiative to pick it up.

Although it was much quieter without Sem’s presence, his men, Edgar and Rongji, offered helps that had actually made my life easier. I hoped they wouldn’t sacrifice too much when the others were back so that they wouldn’t be taken granted of.

The computer was there to keep Rongji accompanied at times and nobody else supposed to work had used it to chat online. It was put at the most optimised use, like for redoing of contact list. It was a day which fairness was seen.

Partially, workload was light. If only everyday remained the same, life would be better. Still, I’d prefer fewer jobs, and then I’d have the time, mood and stamina to learn things that I’d always wanted to.

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