After the rain, the sun will shine with our hearts

It had been long since we last stepped into the community centre. It was the place we got to know each other and build up our friendship after all the enjoyable games. It was also where I started to build up my volleyball skill and spice up my life.

Now it seems that I’m the only one struggling to bring everyone back. I made all the contacts, pushed them to agree to go down. If it wasn’t for the rain, most or almost all of them would be late too. Nevertheless, not everyone turned up.

You’d never feel as exhausted as me. The phone kept ringing but each piece of news and question put me off. I was drenched with the umbrella inside my bag, too frustrated to carry it when I felt like smashing my phone onto the ground. It was all for people who didn’t make efforts but want everyone to be there before they depart from home, my non incoming free phone line seemed like a free hotline. My sister and her friends were so much earlier, hence I was ashamed.

For a good start, Wilson had shaved and looked so impressively cute like years ago. Going back to the MRT station to fetch Ruoci allowed me to be lame again. Sometimes I felt like putting my hand over her shoulder while I sheltered her with the umbrella but decided not to let my playfulness scare her off. Tze Khit was at the same train, looking more built up than before, in his jersey. Then Anqi arrived in her sexy pink dress, too formal for the game.

I was welcomed with the ball going into the canal. I climbed by the side of the high fence, over the wire of the shorter fence, and then dashed along with the fast flowing water. It wasn’t the first time I had done it, except in those days it didn’t rain. Nothing had hesitated me before, but this time my injuries and illness demoralised me. I reached the further side, removed my shoes and socks, and then climbed down with an old man at the opposite side, nagging about how dangerous it was. As I retrieved the ball, I was amazed to see my sister’s friend at the other side too and I wondered how he ran over there and what was the point. Climbing up seemed impossible to anyone but it was actually easy with a jump and pull-up, except that I scratched my knee once again.

The game wasn’t nice. The rain soaked into the balls, thus adding on to the weight. I didn’t do any warm up and my right shoulder hurt like before. On the slippery ground where the rain continued to drizzle, I didn’t dare to move. There were too many newbies at my sister’s team and everyone got so unserious. After some light jumping, my knees went soft, probably due to the cold weather too. No doubt, some of them had great fun even with the presence of mosquitoes.

The sun was a let down. My weariness and disappointments told me not to waste my time organising anything again, not when enthusiasms was scarce and tonnes of work are waiting for me.

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