Allen Wu @ Fear Factors

I happened to see the show Fear Factors the night before. I wouldn’t have watched it if Allen Wu wasn’t taking part in the competition.

Allen Wu is one of the fittest looking guys in Singapore, an actor in the MediaCorp. His origin is unknown to me, but I’ve heard he’s an ABC (American Born Chinese). I don’t really like him for I’ve seen him in some stupid game shows in Singapore, trying too much to show off himself ungentlemanly; he takes simple games too seriously. I’m not sure about his character, but I just don’t like this point of his. It doesn’t matter as long as he would do Singapore proud, so I still hope he would win the game.

If you’ve given deeper analysis to the Fear Factors show, the games don’t require only courage, but also fitness, calmness and lucks. Take for example, the game that you’ve to be tied on a spinning wheel partially submerged into the cold water; it takes fitness and calmness to take the keys to unlock yourself before you swim to touch the floating ball; what fear would stop you halfway when you can’t do anything about it? Moving on to the shooting game, if you’ve shot down all 57 targets with the 100 bullets with your lucks, you wouldn’t have to taste any of the disgusting mixed insect, worm or beetle juice.

I was disappointed with the last stage, where Allen Wu stood on the surfing board with a rope carried by the helicopter. That required balancing skill more than any other. He looked as usual confident but not when he stood up, where you could see him struggling up there; on the very first second, I knew he wouldn’t survive long. He had strength to hold on to the rope, which had one end tied to the front of the board, but he squatted too high that his centre of gravity was high too, thus more difficult to balance.

He could have won the game. No doubt, his courage was still honourable.

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