Are you being recognised?

I seemed to have a great workout the day before. I ran about and carried things when I wasn’t supposed to. For the whole afternoon I tried to pack up a little portion at the front of the office, but I failed to, because there were always things to do.

I wasn’t happy at first. I didn’t like everyone being busy yet one or two just idle around. Of course you could be happy if you manage to escape from things, and since you were born rich and had no worries about your future; the others were different from you and thus faces could be gloomy.

Apart from what I could give, I hated my communication problems. Sometimes I did put others into troubles when I tried to be honest. Something had gotten into me and I just couldn’t concentrate.

When I was asked if I wanted a relaxing or busy life, I gave no hesitation to reply. I didn’t want to be occupied so that I’d have time to brush up on things I wanted, not wasting time doing things so that selfish people could sleep their way through.

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