Be alone

Five years of relationship – would you just give it up?

How pathetic it is when all the causes are due to differences in religions and national slavery?

What’s religion? It’s just something that makes you do good deeds and feel being protected. There’re monks who are supposed to stay away from the worldly affairs using high technology electronic devices; there’re priests who squanders donation money. So which’s the best and which’s the existing one?

Nobody can get the answer. Why bother then? A clear self conscience would do. I’ll never want to get too near someone who’s over-religious; the mindset would scare me off even if she’s a babe.

What’s national slavery? A responsibility to protect the country, in the state of being manipulated by cunning officials, depriving you of your freedom, and causes break-ups of couples.

I don’t know what to say to him. It’s really not nice to say something wrongly at this point of time. If something can change a person’s mind so easily, why bother about her?

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