Boonlay to Tanjong Pagar

I haven’t slept on the train for so long. Though the distance is only from Boonlay to Tanjong Pagar, I feel like I’ve dozed off for hours.

Usually I’d choose to stand so that I can write my stuff without someone peeping at my notebook. I’ve probably attracted attention sine very few people would be as busy as me.

Another reason why I don’t sit down is because I’m lazy or feel awkward or even hypocrite to stand up; when old people or kid board the train, I’ve to give up my seat and not acting selfishly like others.

Some people battle hard to try to get a seat and I don’t ever want to be involved. I’d appreciate just a place to lean on, at the transparent glass besides the door. Let the injured man do the standing, not uncivilised ways of warring.

But this day I’m shagged with my eyes closing, just simply ignore everything.

I also haven’t gone to Jurong East swimming complex to swim for long. The blue slide has been closed for long. This is the first time I go without any girl, just 3 other camp mates, so pathetic and unexpected.

Saturday morning isn’t a good timing for guys who love to see girls, but good for black lovers.

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