Causal remarks

When I was asked if there was any fixed medical appointment for the next month and I told him about the one at SGH.

“Wah, you can even ‘chao geng’ with gastric pain!” – in Chinese.

Though that might be a joke, it isn’t nice at all.

How simple-minded can people be? The x-ray result for my back is out, proving my statement and the little swollen on my right knee due to the Asgood-Schlatter disease is quite obvious. They cover their eyes and casual remarks.

Now that this gastric pain problem which starts since young can’t be visualised, it’s more difficult to testify. I’ve cancelled an appointment during my Signaller course to avoid missing any lesson; nobody values the efforts. And due to the irregular dining hours causes by my current unit, my condition has worsened.

It’s too foolish to take in remarks from people who don’t care for you. Some people make accusation because they’ve been doing the actual things. Why bother?

I need to rectify all problems in a year’s time.

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