Dateless days

I’ve been a good boy for the past 2 nights. Other than sleeping, I’m working in front of the computer, except when Jack starts to bark.
My mum had a chit chat session with my neighbours at the corridor last night. I brought Jack to the visitors so that he would stop his noise. Then I started playing with the kid who was only learning to speak. He soon got attached to me and even walked into my house with Jack following behind. Suddenly, Jack jumped excitedly and hit him, and scaring me out of my life as the kid almost fell.
I’ve caught a few of the television shows, which I’ve lowered down the volume. I’ve even skipped the repeated Romance of the 3 Kingdoms show. The songs inside my computer keep me entertained while I try to improve on my website. My forgetfulness slows down the progress, and since I haven’t touched most of the JavaScript stuffs, I’ve difficulty digging for them.
I’ve visited my other sites while taking a break. – The song file from external website is no longer there and I exchange it with a Midi file inside my webhost. The guestbook URL somehow has changed and it works after getting new source code from the service provider’s site. Then, I’ve the logo’s Chinese font changed to a nicer one. – The account in Sitemeter is gone somehow. I’ve created a new account in Countmypage and hopefully it will stay. The concept is good except for some which I’m very dissatisfied with, due to giving in to my FYP supervisor when we’ve different ideas. The graphics are poor because I’ve started the project very late and have no time to create them out of my scarce talent. The top score board is a big let down due to time constraint too, and also, the website is too plain. I’m thinking of re-doing the site and the game. For graphics, I’ve quite a few friends who do good jobs, but it’s better for me to handle everything myself. It’d definitely add on to my burden when I haven’t even finished my personal website.
I’m fighting against time. There’re too many things I haven’t finished. I’m getting sleepy easily, and doze off often, most probably due to the poor working condition. You’ll be shocked to see me using bed as chair without any back rest. Thanks to my back problem, I’ve to lie down very often, where I’m put to sleep.

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