If only there’s no bug in scripting

I hate bugs that can’t be fixed. I’ve been spending the past 2 days on my website, trying to amend little details. I make big attempt to include descriptive popup over the links to friends’ and my other websites. Everything’s done when I upload the whole site, to discover problems with the text fields of my search functions over other pages. I update my blog’s host with the skeleton of the revamped design, the popups refuse to appear.

This is normal in the olden days, but not when I still have to book in for the next day. With the IKC2 week rubbish, I’ve to even stay back late like around 9pm for at least 2 days. Good news is that I’ve medical appointments on both Thursday and Friday, and finally could get x-ray for my knees and see the specialist. And also, thanks for TRMS for indirectly/directly injures my knees and worsen my back, I need not attend the Half Army Marathon (AHM) in the morning, thus, able to spend more time on my work. Even though this is deceiving myself, I’d rather think it this way.

Guoxin had asked about going back to BMCC today. I didn’t hesitate to ask him to gather the people himself for I knew I shouldn’t be so selfish towards myself. For the past few months I’ve been standing alone to organise outings. I really need some breaks. No matter how stupid I am that I’ve determination to struggle on anything, limping or whatever, I’m still a human after all and I’ll get tired too. To add on, my injuries have poured in great frustration. I sat in front of the computer whole day for nobody had done anything. Next week perhaps.

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