If selfishness is the trend

I haven’t seen such a fool before. He stayed at his work place late for nothing just because someone failed to alias with others. The following day, another guy who was supposed to stay went on leave. He was so tired after staying up late the previous night, yet he cleared 3 classrooms with everything arranged properly, which none of the selfish people would volunteer. Everyone had excuses to leave early but he was so frank and promised to stay when he was assured it was only until early evening. He was conned of his kindness, professionalism, sweat and his belief of the existence of good human nature. He was indirectly harmed, ruined of his health, both physically and mentally.

There’s a myth saying evil would never triumph over good. It’s more of a fairytale story, which parents try uselessly on their children who would eventually be led astray in this ugly world in future; because in reality it’s always the opposite. Whoever knows how to strike in correct time would always win, be it good or bad.

Why would some people sacrifice so much for others, while some push jobs around? If selfishness is the trend, stop sacrificing for the hypocrites.

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