It's his day

He never realised he was creating so much entertainment. He knew he want it but he showed so much sensation that he didn’t need to go. Then he turned 180 degrees in just a moment later, stating he should go as to exercise, which he usually would walk and not run.

I knew it he would make a mess. He hadn’t thought about others’ feeling and when they were busy, he hid around. He knew nothing much of the agony, and of course not the full details he needed to know.

Not a fool would stand in for him. Let him rot. I could see the fears he had, the first time I witnessed how his signature look like, but a dog would never kick his habits. Sometimes, he just left his vacation unattended, showing no fear at all. I didn’t know how lucky he could get, until his loophole was exposed.

He still managed to escape from work in the end, to somewhere he would shed less sweat, where he could laze around. I couldn’t be bothered as long as I had done my part.

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